Zuehlke: Empowering Ideas

Zuehlke is a global innovation service provider focused on empowering ideas and creating sustainable futures through technology and innovation. They specialize in developing services and products based on new technologies, covering all phases from initial vision to development, deployment, and beyond. Their approach integrates strategy, digital solutions, and engineering, delivering unique business value and laying a foundation for continued success.

Company Background

Founded in 1968 in Switzerland, Zuehlke has evolved into a significant player in the innovation and technology sector. The company is partner-owned and operates with a global presence. As of 2022, it employs about 1,900 people across locations in Europe and Asia, including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Additionally, Zuehlke Ventures, their venture capital arm, focuses on start-up financing in the high-tech sector.

Services Offered

Zuehlke offers a range of services encompassing strategy and business innovation, digital and AI solutions and applications, and device and systems engineering. Their solutions are designed to provide tangible business value and a solid foundation for ongoing success. This comprehensive service portfolio enables them to support their clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or service.

Industry Focus

Zuehlke’s wide-ranging presence across various global locations and their comprehensive service offerings suggest a broad industry reach. Their capacity to provide tailored solutions across different sectors is indicative of their versatility and ability to adapt to various market needs.

Expertise and Team

The team at Zuehlke is described as courageous and committed to principled and ethical behavior. They focus on sustainability, circular innovation, diversity, equity, and inclusion. With core values like courage, integrity, client success, and outstanding performance, their teams are positioned to challenge the status quo and deliver exceptional results.

Technological Edge

Zuehlke emphasizes the importance of leveraging the power of innovation and technology. Their independent stance allows them to select the most suitable technologies, partners, and suppliers for each project, ensuring that their technological solutions are both cutting-edge and perfectly tailored to their clients’ needs.


Given their global presence and wide range of services, the company serves a diverse array of clients from various industries, possibly including start-ups, as suggested by their venture capital activities.


Zuehlke maintains its independence in choosing technologies, partners, and suppliers, suggesting a wide and diverse network of collaborations. This independence ensures that they can always offer the best solutions tailored to their clients’ specific needs.

Impact and Success Stories

Zuehlke’s commitments to sustainability, ethical behavior, and diversity hint at a positive impact on both their clients and the wider community. Their focus on delivering value for people, planet, and profit underlines their commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Career Opportunities

Zuehlke provides career opportunities across its global locations, with teams located in ten countries. They seek team players passionate about working in an agile environment and at various career stages. Their investment in staff development and their emphasis on cross-functional, collaborative teams indicate a dynamic and supportive work environment.


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