Tribe AI: Your AI Lab

Tribe AI is a New York based premier network of global AI experts, boasting over 300 machine learning engineers, strategists, and data scientists from leading technical institutions. Their aim is to help companies fully leverage the potential of AI, thereby driving innovation and success. Tribe AI stands out for its expansive network and high customer satisfaction rating, positioning itself as a major player in the AI consulting space.

Company Background

Founded with the mission to bridge the talent gap in AI, Tribe AI specializes in bringing together top AI talent to transform companies into AI-driven entities. With a network that includes experts in fields like Generative AI, NLP, CV, and more, they emphasize the importance of advanced technical education, with a significant proportion of their network holding MA and PhDs in computer science and related fields. Their rigorous selection process ensures a network of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to AI innovation.

Services Offered

Tribe AI offers a variety of services, including custom end-to-end AI solutions, AI advisory services to enhance in-house teams, and acceleration in Generative AI technologies. They also provide detailed customer case studies, showcasing their ability to apply AI solutions across different business scenarios. Their services are designed to unlock the potential of AI for businesses, ensuring that each solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Industry Focus

The company caters to a diverse range of industries, such as healthcare, venture capital, insurance, private equity, and construction & logistics. In each sector, they aim to optimize operations and improve outcomes through AI-powered solutions. Whether it’s enhancing patient outcomes in healthcare or optimizing pricing in insurance, Tribe AI’s industry-specific AI applications demonstrate their versatility and impact.

Expertise and Team

Tribe AI boasts a highly skilled team, noted for having one of the highest concentrations of AI talent outside major tech firms. They are particularly recognized for their expertise in Generative AI, with many members holding advanced degrees in relevant fields. This expertise allows them to tackle complex AI challenges and stay at the forefront of AI innovation.

Technological Edge

Their technological edge lies in their deep knowledge in areas like Computer Vision, NLP, and ML Operations. They focus on automating processes, optimizing quality, and improving safety across various domains, thereby streamlining operations and driving efficiency at scale.


Tribe AI’s clientele includes businesses of all sizes, with a focus on transforming these companies into AI-driven organizations. Their case studies reflect a broad application of AI solutions across different sectors, highlighting their ability to deliver tailored AI strategies.


In 2021, Tribe AI partnered with notable companies like Google, Amazon, and Scale AI. These partnerships reflect their position in the AI industry and their commitment to collaborating with leading tech companies to advance AI technology and applications.

Impact and Success Stories

The impact of Tribe AI’s work is evident in the way they apply AI/ML expertise to solve real-world challenges for top companies. Their success stories illustrate the tangible benefits and innovation driven by their AI solutions in various industries.

Career Opportunities

Tribe AI offers a unique career path for technical talent, emphasizing flexibility, camaraderie, and professional development. They offer roles such as Content & Communications Lead, AWS Partnerships Lead, and Strategic Account Executive, all remote positions with competitive salaries, reflecting their commitment to attracting and nurturing top AI talent.


Let’s talk

Whether you’re looking for expert guidance on AI transformation or want to share your AI knowledge with others, our network is the place for you. Let’s work together to build a brighter future powered by AI.