AI expertise delivered

AIX is a global network of professionals, consultancies, and solution providers that offers on-demand access to AI transformation expertise


AIX is your one-stop solution for AI transformation expertise, including expert matching, project execution assistance, and thought leadership support

Expert matching

From niche technical skills to industry-specific knowledge, connect with the top minds in AI transformation to ensure your project’s success

Project execution support

Whether you need help with conducting expert interviews or polished report development, we handle the minutiae so you can focus on big-picture outcomes

Thought leadership

Our tailored content marketing services enhance your visibility and position you as a leading voice in the AI transformation space


We serve businesses, consultancies, and AI companies


Connect with the right AI experts, consultancies, and solution providers to take advantage of the opportunities presented by AI

Get comprehensive implementation support to drive AI transformation in your organization

Gain recognition among potential customers and attract top AI talent with our thought leadership services


Engage top AI transformation specialists for your client projects

Leverage our end-to-end project execution support to implement AI transformation for your clients

Boost your industry visibility and authority with our thought leadership services

Get matched with prospective clients

AI companies

Access leading subject matter experts and consultancies to help you develop, optimize, and bring to market your AI solutions

Gain industry visibility and recognition and grow your business with our expert thought leadership support services

Find new customers for your AI solutions


Access top AI expertise for informed investment decisions

Enhance portfolio company performance with expert support

Develop a cutting-edge AI investment strategy

Boost your brand with thought leadership and market insights


Our expert network includes industry practitioners, independent consultants, consulting firms, and solution providers

Industry practitioners

Industry practitioners bring industry-specific expertise and experience to help you navigate the complex landscape of AI in your business field

Independent consultants

Independent consultants work closely with you to understand your specific use cases and design and implement tailored AI solutions

Consulting firms

Consulting firms empower your organization to capitalize on the vast opportunities presented by AI, leveraging deep domain knowledge and implementation capabilities

Solution providers

Solution providers bring specialized functional or industry AI solutions to help your business excel in its field

Areas of expertise

Our expertise spans all the phases of the AI transformation cycle: from developing a transformation roadmap to adoption and scaling

Transformation roadmap

Align leadership on a North Star vision, reimagine the business with AI, and translate decisions into an impactful, detailed roadmap


Develop a detailed talent strategy to hire top AI talent and create an environment where they thrive and succeed

Operating model

Design an operating model fostering customer centricity and speed, develop key capabilities like product management and UX design


Build a distributed tech environment for rapid digital and AI solutions, emphasizing DevSecOps and MLOps for optimal development and operations


Make critical data architecture decisions for quality and reuse, enabling AI power, and address data governance and organizational challenges

Adoption & scaling

Invest in user adoption and scaling, focusing on addressing granular technical, process, and human challenges to unlock full value of AI


Our experts possess industry-specific AI transformation expertise across various sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and more


Improve diagnostics, personalize treatment, manage patient data, and enhance drug discovery and robotic surgery


Enhance fraud detection, manage risks, optimize algorithmic trading, improve customer service, and personalize financial advice


Optimize inventory management, personalize shopping experiences, enable predictive analytics, and enhance customer service via chatbots


Boost production efficiency, predict equipment maintenance, optimize supply chains, and improve quality control


Power autonomous vehicles, optimize route planning, enhance traffic management, and improve logistics efficiency


Forecast energy demand, manage smart grids, optimize renewable energy sources, and detect equipment failures


Enhance crop monitoring, automate planting and harvesting, optimize resource use, and predict crop yields


Enhance network optimization, automate customer service, enable predictive maintenance, and improve fraud detection


Personalize learning experiences, automate administrative tasks, provide intelligent tutoring, and enhance content creation


Develop autonomous driving technologies, improve vehicle safety features, enhance manufacturing, and personalize user experiences


Target advertising, personalize content, analyze consumer behavior, and optimize campaign performance

Human Resources

Streamline recruitment, enhance talent management, automate repetitive tasks, and improve employee engagement


Conduct legal research, automate contract analysis, predict case outcomes, and enhance e-discovery processes

Real Estate

Forecast market trends, optimize property management, enhance customer service, and streamline transactions


Create personalized content recommendations, enhance special effects, automate editing processes, and optimize marketing strategies