ExploreAI: Pioneering AI-Driven Solutions in the Global Arena

ExploreAI specializes in building AI-driven software and digital twins for global companies. The firm takes pride in its domain expertise, particularly in industries like utilities, insurance, banking, and telecommunications. By accelerating digital teams, training workforces, and sponsoring students through data science programs, ExploreAI demonstrates its commitment to advancing AI skills for the next generation.

Company Background

Established with a mission to leverage AI for large-scale impact, ExploreAI has expanded its presence with offices in London, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, and Mauritius. The company provides consultancy services across various regions, including the UK, US, the Nordics, and South Africa, reflecting its global reach and influence.

Services Offered

ExploreAI offers an array of innovative services across various industries, leveraging the power of AI and data analytics. In the insurance sector, they provide tools for risk assessment and management, including AI-driven risk modeling and pricing, auto underwriting for motor/fleet insurance with automatic quote generation, digital claims assessment, and automated claims reserving displayed on real-time dashboards. For telecommunications, ExploreAI creates intelligent digital representations of physical networks, enhancing ROI through digital simulations, and consolidating domain data into a single ecosystem.

Additionally, their services extend to water utilities and sewage systems, where they offer solutions for data consolidation, network modeling, predictive maintenance, and field force optimization, thereby enabling proactive decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency.

Finally, ExploreAI Academy transforms the lives of talented African youth by equipping them with modern, relevant skills that enable them to find meaningful work. It teaches data science and data engineering courses in an agile, project-based way. Students are immersed in the world of problem-solving and are prepared for jobs and problems in the real world.

Industry Focus

The company has a clear focus on industries such as utilities, insurance, banking, and telecommunications. For example, in telecommunications, ExploreAI builds applications to help providers maximize ROI and profitability through advanced network analysis and the creation of digital models of physical networks.

Expertise and Team

ExploreAI’s team is comprised of creative thinkers, problem solvers, and data experts. The team’s expertise includes risk modeling and pricing, auto underwriting, claims assessment, and automated reserving in the insurance sector. In telecommunications, their expertise covers ROI improvement, digital simulations of physical networks, and system consolidation.

Technological Edge

The company’s technological edge is evident in its AI and machine learning integration for business processes and decision-making. This integration results in significant achievements like a 50% reduction in loss ratios and 40% cost savings from automated processes in the insurance sector.


ExploreAI serves a diverse range of clients, including large telecommunication providers and insurers. The company’s case studies highlight its work with entities like a large UK water utility and Prime Meridian Direct, showcasing its capacity to handle complex and large-scale projects.

Impact and Success Stories

ExploreAI has achieved notable success in its projects. For instance, in the telecommunications sector, the company enabled a $4B fibre rollout with improved fibre costing estimates and identified 4 million viable homes in a national fibre rollout.

Career Opportunities

ExploreAI offers careers in various roles, including Data Science Curriculum Specialist, Data Science/Data Engineering Lecturer, and Job Placement Specialist. The company values problem-solving skills, collaboration, empowerment, and skill-building, making it an attractive workplace for those passionate about AI and data-driven solutions.


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