Amii: AI for Good and for All

The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Situated in Alberta, Amii operates as one of Canada’s three centers of AI excellence, forming a vital part of the Pan-Canadian AI Strategy. With a focus on translating scientific advancements in AI into practical industry applications, Amii is committed to fostering AI for good and for all, aligning its efforts with global standards of ethical AI development and use.

Company Background

Amii, originally the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning, was established in 2002 as a collaborative effort between the Government of Alberta and the University of Alberta. Rebranded in 2017, it has since been a cornerstone of the CIFAR Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, launching as a not-for-profit in Edmonton. Over two decades, Amii has significantly expanded its research capacity, starting with four founding members and growing to support 28 Fellows and eight Canada CIFAR AI Chairs across Western Canada. The institute’s enduring commitment is to world-class research and industry adoption of AI and machine learning technologies.

Services Offered

Amii offers a range of services aimed at fostering AI adoption across various sectors. They provide tailored support through tools like the AI Adoption Spectrum, which assesses a company’s AI capabilities and guides them accordingly. Their services encompass practical guidance and advice, corporate training, and talent recruitment, all aimed at building in-house AI capabilities. Amii’s approach to AI adoption is holistic, considering each company’s unique needs and strategic goals.

Industry Focus

Amii’s industry focus is broad and inclusive, catering to a diverse range of sectors eager to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their operations. The institute collaborates with businesses of all sizes, from startups to established corporations, across various industries including healthcare, finance, energy, and more. This wide industry focus enables Amii to apply its AI expertise to tackle unique challenges and drive innovation tailored to specific sector needs. By doing so, Amii not only advances AI technology but also contributes significantly to the technological advancement and competitive edge of these industries.

Expertise and Team

The team at Amii is the cornerstone of its success, comprising bright, curious, and talented individuals. This team embodies Amii’s core values of ambition, authenticity, and approachability, driving excellence in AI research and application. Their expertise spans fundamental AI research, educational offerings, and business advisory, all focused on nurturing in-house AI capabilities. Amii’s people-centric approach emphasizes collaboration and knowledge-sharing, contributing to its status as a leader in AI and machine learning.

Technological Edge

Amii stands out for its strong commitment to ethical and rights-based development of AI, aligned with principles such as fairness, privacy, security, accountability, and professional responsibility. The institute’s technological edge is reflected in its continuous loop of AI advancement, where fundamental research by world-leading researchers is translated into practical industry applications. This model ensures that Amii remains at the forefront of AI and machine learning advancements, contributing to both business growth and societal well-being.


Amii partners with companies of varying sizes and across different industries, demonstrating a versatile approach to AI adoption. Their clientele benefits from customized AI strategies and solutions that align with their specific business goals. Whether it’s adopting existing AI solutions, developing custom ones, or a hybrid approach, Amii guides businesses through their unique AI adoption journeys, ensuring that their AI projects are effective and aligned with their strategic needs.


Amii’s impact is amplified through its partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders, including academic institutions, government bodies, and industry players. These collaborations are central to challenging and enhancing Amii’s understanding of AI best practices and thought leadership. Notable partners include Alberta Innovates, CIFAR, and the Government of Alberta, all contributing to Amii’s mission of fostering AI for the betterment of society and the business community.

Impact and Success Stories

Amii’s impact is evident in its commitment to AI for good and for all, a mission that extends beyond mere slogan to the core of its operations. The institute is instrumental in shaping AI strategies that adhere to global sustainability goals and ethical guidelines. By fostering AI education and professional development, Amii has contributed significantly to Canada’s leading position in AI talent concentration among G7 nations. Their success stories include increasing research capacity in AI/ML nearly nine-fold since inception, a testament to their influence in the field.

Career Opportunities

Amii offers a dynamic and impactful career environment for individuals passionate about solving the world’s toughest problems using machine intelligence. Recognized for attracting the brightest minds in the industry, Amii provides opportunities for growth, acceleration, and application of expertise in AI. Whether for beginners or advanced professionals, Amii supports AI education and professional development, offering training programs and career opportunities that align with the institute’s vision of making a global impact through AI.


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