Futurised: Bridging Technology and Efficiency in Business Automation

Futurised is a consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany that specializes in helping companies simplify and automate their business processes. The company focuses on developing and integrating the latest technologies to provide high-quality solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and enhance control over processes and data.

Company Background

Founded in 2021 by Max Schlensag, Futurised is a visionary startup that has rapidly gained momentum. Max Schlensag, with a passion for innovative technologies and an entrepreneurial mindset, leads the company with a focus on artificial intelligence and digitalization. Markus Dauber, with extensive experience in finance and management, also plays a significant role in the company, leveraging his expertise in strategy consulting, finance, and digital value-added services.

Services Offered

Futurised offers a wide range of solutions, including over 200 ready-to-use solutions and integration into more than 500 systems. They specialize in automating regular processes and are capable of integrating their solutions via APIs or directly into client applications to create seamless automation for teams.

Industry Focus

Futurised’s industry focus is broad and versatile, covering a wide range of business needs across different sectors. Their offerings are particularly aligned with businesses looking to leverage AI for optimizing data-driven processes, process automation, and decision-making efficiencies, such as Finance and Insurance.

Expertise and Team

The team at Futurised, led by Max Schlensag and supported by experienced professionals like Markus Dauber, demonstrates expertise in AI, digital transformation, and process automation. The company’s team is dedicated to continually reinventing and advancing their solutions to stay at the forefront of technology development.

Technological Edge

Futurised’s technological edge is evident in their offerings like the Futurised Orchestrator, a local and cloud-based solution for managing AI and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). They have an extensive portfolio of AI solutions aimed at improving customer understanding and saving significant time.


The company has significantly impacted the workforce by alleviating the workload of over 5,000 employees with its solutions. This achievement indicates a broad and diverse client base. Notable clients include prominent organizations such as Lufthansa, PSD Bank, and Geobality, showcasing Futurised’s capabilities in providing process automation solutions across various industries.


The company’s integration capabilities with over 650 native systems suggest extensive collaboration with various software and system providers.

Impact and Success Stories

Futurised helped automate processes for over 5,000 employees for notable clients like Lufthansa and PSD Bank.


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