Hexa: Giving Founders the Best Chances to Create Outstanding Companies

Hexa stands as a beacon of comprehensive support in the startup ecosystem, championing the journey of founders from the inception of an idea to the establishment of a successful company. Recognized for its unexpected level of assistance, Hexa’s support system is often highlighted by the founders as a significant factor in their success. This commitment is a testament to the studio’s dedication to exceeding the expectations of the entrepreneurs they work with.


As a startup studio based in Paris, France, Hexa offers a unique 12-month developmental journey designed to shepherd startups from concept to operational independence. This period is characterized by personalized support and collaboration, ensuring that every startup is well-positioned to thrive in the competitive market. The studio’s methodical approach has been refined through experience and is central to its philosophy of fostering successful, independent companies.

Market Focus and Business Strategy

Hexa primarily focuses on the burgeoning B2B SaaS market, employing a sophisticated methodology that has been honed through the launch of over forty products. The team believes that AI, beyond enhancing existing solutions as we see being deployed everywhere today, creates a tremendous ground for innovation and the rise of new AI-first applications. The studio’s strategy includes providing comprehensive operational support and financial backing until startups reach a point of self-sufficiency, a testament to its commitment to building strong, viable companies.

Services for Founders

Hexa’s suite of services for founders is designed to cover all bases, from matching them with promising startup ideas to funding all operational costs during their incubation period. Founders benefit from Hexa’s resources, including assistance in finding co-founders, building a core team, and acquiring the first clients to gain market traction.

Funding Provided

Hexa provides comprehensive funding to cover all operational costs during the startup’s initial 12-month development phase within the studio. This includes the founders’ salaries, team salaries, and other associated costs, such as office space. Additionally, Hexa offers assistance with building a minimum viable product (MVP) and helps in acquiring the first clients. In exchange for the support and resources provided, Hexa retains a 30% equity stake in the fully diluted equity of the startup after it leaves the studio and secures venture capital funding.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in Hexa’s program, founders must demonstrate more than just a desire to launch a company; it must be seen as their calling. Hexa looks for individuals who are likely to start their company with or without Hexa’s help, indicating a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit. The studio values traits like ambition, humility, and a strong execution ability. Founders are expected to bring these qualities to the table, along with a readiness to fully engage with the Hexa team and process. Moreover, Hexa selects an average of 12 founders (two per project) each year from approximately 1000 applicants, indicating a highly selective process that focuses on matching the founders’ vision and drive with Hexa’s expertise and market focus.

Application Process

Founders interested in joining Hexa’s startup studio can initiate the application process by reaching out to the Hexa team to express their interest in launching a company with them. The process involves a series of discussions led by Hexa partners, which are akin to informal but insightful coffee meetings aimed at understanding each other’s goals and visions. These discussions are structured to cover professional fit, idea alignment, ownership mentality, and co-founder compatibility. Hexa places significant emphasis on ensuring that the match is beneficial and aligned on both sides before proceeding with the partnership​.

Core Technologies and Expertise

The core team at Hexa is proficient in a wide array of strategic domains, including recruiting, product development, design, marketing, and sales. This team is hands-on with each project, ensuring the creation of independent and robust teams tailored to each startup’s needs.

Portfolio and Projects

With a diverse portfolio of over forty B2B SaaS products, Hexa has consistently guided startups to reach significant milestones such as MVP development, client acquisition, and successful seed funding rounds. This record underscores Hexa’s capability to shepherd a variety of projects to success.

Impact and Success Stories

Hexa’s approach has resulted in a notably low failure rate during the critical phase from idea to seed funding, illustrating the effectiveness of its startup support model. The success stories emerging from Hexa’s studio serve as a testament to the studio’s ability to incubate and grow promising enterprises. Some of its portfolio companies have become well-known unicorns, such as Front, Aircall and Spendesk.

Research and Development

Innovative and original ideas are the lifeblood of Hexa’s R&D process, sourced from rich discussions within the global SaaS ecosystem. The studio’s collaborative environment ensures that these ideas are continually refined and evolved by the founding teams.

Leadership and Team

The leadership team at Hexa plays a crucial role in the success of the incubated startups. Providing daily interaction and hands-on guidance, the leadership ensures that the foundational teams of each startup are equipped with the expertise needed for independence.

Partnerships and Alliances

Hexa has fostered significant partnerships with a network of VCs and business angels, including prestigious firms such as Sequoia, Accel, and Index. These partnerships are instrumental in providing the necessary capital and strategic insights for the scaling of its startups.

Investor Relations and Funding

Hexa’s recent funding of €20 million signifies its ambitious plan to increase its startup launch rate. This financial backing underscores the studio’s commitment to expanding its impact and supporting more entrepreneurs in their ventures.

Jobs and Careers

Hexa is always on the lookout for outstanding and ambitious talent looking to have an impact. Whether you’re looking to join its core team or be one of the first employees at the better companies of tomorrow – they’ve got something for you. The growing number of projects and the scaling ambitions of the studio suggest that there would be a variety of roles available for tech, design, and business professionals.

Challenges and Opportunities

The selective nature of Hexa’s founder selection presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The studio seeks to partner with founders who not only have a vision but also exhibit the ability to execute with ambition and humility. This rigorous selection process ensures that only the most promising entrepreneurs are chosen, enhancing the potential for success.

Vision for the Future

Looking to the future, Hexa aims to significantly scale its operations to launch 30 startups annually by the year 2030. This vision reflects Hexa’s dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial talent and its belief in the transformative power of innovative startups to shape the future of technology and business.


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