AI Fund: Building Great Companies that Move Humanity Forward

AI Fund is a Palo Alto based venture studio dedicated to partnering with entrepreneurs to build successful companies. They position themselves as a minor co-founder, providing extensive support in AI technology and business development. Their aim is to increase the success rates of startups by leveraging their deep expertise in AI and a network of AI pioneers, operators, and entrepreneurs.


AI Fund was founded with a deep understanding of the unique challenges in building AI companies. They focus on the earliest stages of startups, including seed, pre-seed, and even pre-pitch deck stages. The Fund’s team comprises AI pioneers, operators, founders, and investors, all united in the goal of advancing humankind through AI-driven enterprises.

Market Focus and Business Strategy

AI Fund views artificial intelligence as a transformative force akin to electricity, with the potential to revolutionize the economy and the world. The Fund supports entrepreneurs in creating businesses that leverage AI to address significant challenges across various sectors, including human capital, health and wellness, enterprise solutions, and MLOps.

Services for Founders

The Fund offers a streamlined process for building companies, encompassing technical validation, business advice, connections to experts, recruitment, and operational support. This comprehensive approach allows founders to focus on achieving product/market fit within a nurturing AI ecosystem.

Funding Provided

The Fund’s investment approach is characterized by partnering with leading VC firms and investors. They aim to be the first institutional money in a company, investing up to $1 million initially and providing follow-on investments as the company grows.

Eligibility Criteria

Entrepreneurs who aim to make a difference using AI are encouraged to apply, particularly at the idea stage or when they don’t have a product built yet. AI Fund seeks visionary founders ready to take on challenges and create impactful AI companies.

Core Technologies and Expertise

AI Fund’s core expertise lies in AI technology and its application across various industries. They help founders integrate AI into their business models, ensuring that startups have a solid technical foundation in machine learning and data science.

Portfolio and Projects

AI Fund’s portfolio includes companies tackling challenges like depression, weight loss, optimizing fuel consumption, and enhancing manufacturing efficiencies. Their focus spans AI governance, staffing solutions, and transforming software development with machine learning.

Impact and Success Stories

Success stories include support for companies like Woebot Health and Bearing, helping them in areas like recruitment strategy, particularly in data science, and gaining traction in challenging industries like shipping.

Leadership and Team

AI Fund’s team comprises AI pioneers, operators, founders, and investors, all focused on helping founders bring their visions to reality and scale quickly. The team’s expertise spans various aspects of business and technology, especially in AI.

Partnerships and Alliances

AI Fund maintains partnerships and alliances within its ecosystem, including industry and academic partners. These collaborations help in sourcing ideas, validating concepts, and turning them into viable businesses.

Investor Relations and Funding

AI Fund is backed by $176 million in capital from leading VC firms and investors like Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, New Enterprise Associates, and Softbank Group. This financial backing enables the Fund to provide substantial support to its startups.

Jobs and Careers

AI Fund offers careers in various roles, from ML experts to business leaders. They promote a remote-first work environment, emphasize teamwork, and offer benefits like healthcare, dental coverage, a WFH subsidy, and a competitive compensation package.

Challenges and Opportunities

AI Fund acknowledges the complexity and challenges of advancing humanity through AI. They provide opportunities to solve problems in coding ML models, fundraising, and developing go-to-market strategies.

Vision for the Future

AI Fund’s commitment to building the next generation of AI tech companies and advancing humanity suggests a future focused on AI-driven solutions to global challenges​.


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