Tandem Health: Medical Notes that Write Themselves

Tandem Health is a Swedish AI startup that has rapidly emerged as a promising player in the healthcare technology sector. Founded in August 2023 by Lukas Saari, Oliver Åstrand, and Oscar Boldt-Christmas, the company aims to revolutionize healthcare by reducing the administrative burden on clinicians through an AI-powered co-pilot. Recently, Tandem Health raised a $9.5 million seed round led by Northzone, with participation from notable angel investors from OpenAI and DeepMind. This funding round marks a significant milestone for the company as it plans to scale its operations and expand across Europe.

Idea and Product

Tandem Health’s primary product is an AI-driven co-pilot designed to assist healthcare clinicians by automating administrative tasks. This innovative tool transcribes doctor-patient meetings and generates detailed medical notes, significantly reducing the time clinicians spend on documentation. The AI co-pilot listens to conversations, creates accurate transcriptions, and drafts medical notes that can be quickly reviewed and edited by the clinician. Additionally, it can find appropriate medical codes specific to a patient’s symptoms, ensuring precise and comprehensive documentation.


The healthcare market is ripe for disruption, with rising costs, an ageing population, and a shortage of clinicians creating a demand for efficient solutions. Tandem Health initially targets the Swedish market, where it has already secured 50 healthcare providers as customers. The company plans to expand across Europe, focusing on large countries where it can find the right partners. The European healthcare landscape, with its diverse languages and fragmented electronic health record systems, presents unique challenges that Tandem Health’s adaptable and multilingual AI co-pilot is well-positioned to address.

Business Model

Tandem Health operates on a subscription-based business model, charging healthcare providers 1,500 SEK (approximately €133) per month per user for access to its AI co-pilot. This model ensures a steady revenue stream while providing value to healthcare organizations by drastically reducing the time clinicians spend on administrative tasks. The company also partners with journal system providers, allowing it to reach a broader audience and integrate seamlessly with various electronic health record systems. This strategic approach enables Tandem Health to scale efficiently and meet the growing demand for its innovative solution.


Tandem Health leverages cutting-edge technology to power its AI co-pilot. The core of its product is based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 for language processing and Whisper for speech recognition and transcription. Initially, Whisper faced challenges in the Swedish medical context due to unfamiliar drug names and terms. However, by training the system to accommodate specific clinic needs and medical terminologies, Tandem Health achieved significant improvements in accuracy and usability. This technological foundation allows the AI co-pilot to deliver high-quality transcriptions and medical notes, tailored to the unique requirements of different healthcare providers.

Vision and Ambition

Tandem Health envisions a future where clinicians can focus more on patient care rather than administrative tasks. The company’s ambition is to become a category-defining player in the European health tech space by offering a comprehensive clinician co-pilot that integrates seamlessly into the workflow of healthcare providers. With plans to expand across Europe, Tandem Health aims to address the administrative challenges faced by clinicians in various countries, ultimately improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery. The company’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design positions it well to achieve this ambitious vision.


The founding team of Tandem Health comprises Lukas Saari, Oliver Åstrand, and Oscar Boldt-Christmas, who bring a unique blend of technology and healthcare expertise. Their combined experience and deep understanding of the healthcare industry have been instrumental in developing an AI co-pilot that meets the specific needs of clinicians. The team has quickly grown to include 10 dedicated employees who are passionate about transforming healthcare through technology. Their collective efforts and strategic partnerships have enabled Tandem Health to make significant strides in a short period.

Investors and Funding

Tandem Health has attracted significant attention from prominent investors, raising $9.5 million in its seed round led by Northzone. Other participants include healthcare VC Amino Collective and angel investors from OpenAI and DeepMind. This funding will be used to further develop the AI co-pilot and support the company’s expansion plans across Europe. The involvement of these high-profile investors not only provides financial backing but also validates Tandem Health’s innovative approach and potential for growth in the healthcare sector.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its founding less than a year ago, Tandem Health has achieved several impressive milestones. The company has secured 50 healthcare providers in Sweden as customers and successfully raised $9.5 million in seed funding. It has also developed a robust AI co-pilot that has been well-received by clinicians for its ability to streamline administrative tasks. Additionally, Tandem Health has made significant technological advancements by improving the accuracy and usability of its product in various medical contexts. These achievements highlight the company’s rapid progress and strong potential for future growth.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its early success, Tandem Health faces several challenges and risks as it continues to grow. Expanding across Europe requires navigating diverse healthcare systems, languages, and regulations, which can be complex and time-consuming. Additionally, the company must continually improve its AI technology to ensure it meets the high standards expected by healthcare providers. There is also the challenge of maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving AI and health tech landscape. Addressing these challenges will be crucial for Tandem Health’s sustained success and long-term impact.

Jobs and Careers

As Tandem Health continues to expand, it offers exciting career opportunities for professionals passionate about transforming healthcare through technology. The company is looking to grow its team across various roles, including software development, data science, product management, and sales. Working at Tandem Health provides a unique opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative startup that is making a tangible difference in the lives of clinicians and patients. With a collaborative and forward-thinking culture, Tandem Health is an attractive workplace for those seeking to contribute to the future of healthcare.

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