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APIGen is a revolutionary startup founded by two 18-year-old high school graduates, Christopher Fitzgerald and Nicholas Van Landschoot. Instead of spending their summer before college like many of their peers, they are dedicating their time to their innovative venture, headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Their dedication and vision have already attracted significant attention, culminating in a $500,000 pre-seed investment from Varana Capital. APIGen aims to transform the way APIs are created, leveraging advanced generative AI to simplify and enhance the development process.

Idea and Product

APIGen’s core product is a platform that builds custom APIs from natural language prompts. This means that users can describe what they need in plain English, and APIGen will generate the necessary code for a fully functional API. Unlike traditional APIs, which often serve simple data exchange purposes, APIGen’s technology can create complex, multi-functional APIs. For example, it can integrate an e-commerce site’s frontend with its backend database or develop APIs for IoT devices, such as a drone management system or a facial recognition security system.


The market for API development is vast and growing, with significant interest from industries ranging from e-commerce to IoT and enterprise solutions. APIGen targets a broad audience, including developers, businesses, and tech enthusiasts who need efficient and reliable API solutions. The API market has seen substantial investments and acquisitions, such as Salesforce’s purchase of MuleSoft and Google’s acquisition of Apigee, highlighting the potential for growth and innovation. Boulder’s active AI and tech community, combined with the presence of major tech companies, provides a supportive environment for APIGen’s development.

Business Model

APIGen’s business model revolves around providing a subscription-based service where users can access the platform to create and deploy APIs. The company also plans to offer premium features, such as advanced security protocols, enhanced testing, and priority support. Additional revenue streams may include enterprise-level solutions and consulting services for large organizations needing tailored API development. By focusing on both individual developers and large corporations, APIGen aims to capture a wide market share and ensure sustainable growth.


The technology behind APIGen leverages cutting-edge generative AI, specifically optimized for API development. This includes proprietary techniques like dynamic context management and hyper-variance descent to ensure that the generated APIs are robust, secure, and performant. The platform integrates multiple data sources and third-party APIs, allowing for seamless connectivity and functionality. Built-in testing, error handling, and security validations ensure that the APIs created are reliable and secure, ready for deployment in real-world applications.

Vision and Ambition

APIGen envisions a future where API creation is accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. The founders aim to democratize the API development process, making it as simple as writing a natural language prompt. Their ambition is to become a leader in the API market, providing innovative solutions that empower businesses and developers worldwide. With the support of the tech community and their investors, they are committed to continuous improvement and expansion of their platform.


The APIGen team is currently small but highly dedicated. Christopher Fitzgerald, who will be attending Penn State in the fall, and Nicholas Van Landschoot, who has decided to focus full-time on the startup, bring a unique blend of technical skills and youthful energy. Their background in debate has honed their presentation and communication skills, which have been crucial in pitching their startup to investors. Their network within the Boulder tech community, including connections through family and internships, has provided valuable support and mentorship.

Investors and Funding

APIGen’s initial funding came from Varana Capital, a Denver-based VC firm impressed by the founders’ vision and execution. The $500,000 pre-seed investment consists of $250,000 in upfront cash and a $250,000 SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Varana Capital’s founder, Philip Broenniman, and COO, Ankur Ahuja, were particularly impressed by the founders’ pitch and the potential of the API market. This funding has enabled APIGen to secure office space and resources necessary for developing their platform further.

Achievements and Milestones

One of APIGen’s significant achievements is raising a substantial pre-seed round while the founders were still in high school. This early success underscores the potential and innovation behind their idea. They have developed a beta version of their platform, which is set to be released soon, and have already garnered interest from businesses eager to test their product. Their involvement in Boulder’s AI Meetup and positive reception from the local tech community further validate their progress and potential.

Challenges and Risks

Despite their early successes, APIGen faces several challenges and risks. The market for automated API generation is competitive, with established players like MuleSoft and RapidAPI. Developing a fully functional minimum viable product (MVP) and gaining significant market traction are critical hurdles. Additionally, as a young team, they may face skepticism regarding their ability to execute their vision. Ensuring robust security and reliability in their generated APIs is another technical challenge that they must continually address.

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How 2 high school teens raised a $500K seed round for their API startup (yes, it’s AI)

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