AI Voice Automation for Better Patient Access, a Polish AI startup specializing in customer service automation, has made significant strides since its inception. As a medtech entity, it focuses on delivering AI solutions to streamline and simplify customer service, particularly in the healthcare sector. With a recent capital injection of approximately €2.5 million, the startup is poised for further expansion, already having a footprint in Europe and the U.S.

Idea and Product is carving out a niche in automating customer service for organizations heavily reliant on telephone hotlines, particularly in healthcare. Their AI-based platform aims to handle a substantial portion of customer inquiries, thus reducing operating costs and easing the burden on customer service teams. Their products are designed to address various administrative tasks, from appointment scheduling to medical triage, all while integrating with existing patient management systems.


The startup operates in a burgeoning market where conversational AI is rapidly gaining traction. With an estimated market value of around €16 billion by 2024, and specifically for healthcare virtual assistants, a projected worth of over €2.6 billion by 2027, is strategically positioned. Their services cater to the pressing need for efficient, automated customer interaction in healthcare, a sector undergoing digital transformation.

Business Model’s business model revolves around providing specialized, automated customer service solutions. By targeting the healthcare industry, they offer tailored voicebots and automation services that enhance patient interaction without the need for extensive human intervention. Their revenue model involves subscription-based pricing for access to their platform and services, along with potential custom pricing for more complex implementations.


The startup’s technology leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and voice cloning to create natural-sounding, highly accurate voicebots. Their platform is designed for quick implementation and easy management, allowing healthcare providers to deploy and customize the service without extensive IT involvement. The integration capability with various patient management and call center systems further enhances its technological appeal.

Vision and Ambition is ambitious in its vision to redefine customer service in healthcare. They aim to alleviate the administrative burden and improve patient experience through automation. With sights set on expanding further into the U.S. market, where a significant portion of their revenue already originates, the startup is dedicated to enhancing and specializing their offerings to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare sector.


Led by CEO Paweł Lipiński and COO Ada Andruszkiewicz, the team comprises experts passionate about AI technology and customer service innovation. The founders’ experience and commitment, combined with a dynamic team, drive the company’s innovative approach and ensure continuous improvement and adaptation in a fast-evolving market.

Investors and Funding’s recent funding round of €2.5 million was backed by a Polish-Austrian consortium of VC funds, including 4growth VC, NIF ASI, and others. Earlier investment from LT Capital indicates sustained investor confidence. This financial backing supports the company’s development goals and market expansion efforts, particularly in the U.S.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its founding in 2018, has achieved significant milestones, including its expansion into the U.S. and UK markets, serving dozens of clients across multiple countries. The company has successfully automated medical processes for hundreds of facilities and has conversed with over 1 million patients through their AI voice assistants.

Challenges and Risks

The startup faces challenges like intense competition in the AI space and the constant need to innovate and stay ahead of technological advancements. Ensuring data security and compliance, especially in sensitive sectors like healthcare, and managing the intricacies of different healthcare systems across markets are ongoing challenges.

Jobs and Careers presents a vibrant career opportunity for those interested in AI and healthcare innovation. As a remote-first team, they offer flexibility, competitive salaries, and a chance to be part of a dynamic and growing industry. The company values a growth mindset, courage, authenticity, teamwork, and accountability, making it an appealing workplace for forward-thinking professionals.

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