Cosmose: AI-Powered Shopping

Cosmose AI, a trailblazing Polish AI startup, has recently been valued at $500 million following a strategic investment from NEAR Foundation. This dynamic company, established in 2014, operates at the cutting edge of retail and technology, predicting and influencing how people shop offline. By seamlessly integrating offline and online shopping experiences, Cosmose is redefining retail for consumers and businesses alike.

Idea and Product

The core idea of Cosmose is to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, creating a unified, seamless experience. The company offers products like Cosmose Media and KaiKai, which leverage AI and Web3 to provide personalized shopping experiences and innovative payment solutions. Particularly, KaiKai’s use of the Kai-Ching cryptocurrency demonstrates Cosmose’s commitment to transforming retail through technology.


Cosmose operates in a market where blending the physical and digital shopping realms is increasingly vital. With its platform currently available across various Asian markets, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan, Cosmose is tapping into a massive, growing market of both retailers and consumers looking for smarter, more integrated shopping solutions.

Business Model

Cosmose’s business model revolves around providing AI-driven insights and solutions to retailers to enhance customer engagement and sales. By offering products that predict and influence shopping behavior, Cosmose generates value for businesses while creating a more personalized shopping experience for consumers. The strategic partnership with NEAR Foundation suggests a pivot towards integrating blockchain technology for more efficient payment processes and data management.


Cosmose is at the forefront of AI, Web3, and blockchain technology. The company uses advanced analytics to understand offline shopping habits and drive foot traffic to stores. By partnering with NEAR Protocol, Cosmose is also advancing in blockchain technology, ensuring secure, efficient, and user-controlled data and transactions.

Vision and Ambition

The vision of Cosmose is to build a future where consumers enjoy complete control over their data and benefit from superior AI-driven personalization. The ambition is grand – to impact one billion users, revolutionize retail consumption, and ensure a seamless blend of offline and online shopping experiences. This vision is supported by their ongoing innovations and strategic investments.


Cosmose is led by Miron Mironiuk, a visionary founder with a background in digital media planning and a track record of innovation. The team comprises 80 of the world’s best talents across six offices globally, reflecting a diverse and skilled group united by the mission to revolutionize retail and advertising through technology.

Investors and Funding

The recent valuation of $500 million comes after strategic investments from NEAR Foundation and a Series A fundraise led by Tiga Investments, OTB Ventures, and TDJ Pitango. The support from these investors underscores the potential they see in Cosmose’s technology and market approach.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception, Cosmose has reached impressive milestones, including expanding to 20 million stores and reaching one billion smartphones. The launch of KaiKai and its native cryptocurrency, Kai-Ching, demonstrates the company’s innovative approach to retail solutions. Their technology has already influenced the offline shopping behavior of millions.

Challenges and Risks

As with any company at the forefront of technology, Cosmose faces challenges and risks, including the rapid evolution of AI and blockchain technology, data privacy concerns, and the need to continually innovate to stay ahead of competitors. Adapting to different market regulations, especially in the blockchain space, is another significant challenge.

Jobs and Careers

Cosmose is constantly seeking the best talents to join its ambitious team. With job openings across various functions and locations, the company offers a dynamic, supportive, and innovative work environment. Whether it’s in programmatic monetization, sales, partnerships, or data analysis, Cosmose provides a platform for professionals to contribute to a revolutionary vision.

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