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Polish startup Epinote has emerged as a dynamic force in the tech industry, securing €1.4M in a pre-seed round led by prominent investors. Founded by Mateusz Wikło and Kacper Raszkiewicz, the company focuses on augmenting in-house operations for businesses by providing a versatile plug & play workforce. With over 50 clients across three continents, Epinote stands at the forefront of enhancing work efficiency and integrating human and technological capabilities.

Idea and Product

Epinote offers a groundbreaking solution to the monotonous and repetitive tasks that burden companies by deploying a flexible workforce complemented by advanced process engineering and technology. This workforce is adept at handling tasks ranging from data annotation for AI development to market research and internal process support. The idea revolves around creating a symbiotic relationship between AI, automation, and human input, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.


The demand for Epinote’s services is evident in the contemporary business landscape, where companies seek to optimize operations and reduce time spent on non-core activities. Their target market includes businesses of various scales and sectors, seeking to improve efficiency and integrate innovative solutions for task management. As companies globally grapple with the need for efficiency and specialized skills, Epinote’s market potential continues to expand.

Business Model

Epinote operates on a model that leverages technology and human resources to deliver tailored services. They offer a plug & play workforce that integrates into client workflows, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional outsourcing or internal staffing. Their business model focuses on continuous improvement and adaptation, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of clients while scaling their operations effectively.


At the heart of Epinote’s operations is a custom-built digital platform that orchestrates the workflow, assigns tasks, and integrates automated solutions. This technology ensures not only the efficient deployment of the workforce but also high-quality output and seamless integration with clients’ systems. The recent funding aims to further enhance this platform, improving task ordering, project management, and overall efficiency.

Vision and Ambition

Epinote’s vision extends beyond mere task execution; they aim to redefine how companies approach work productivity. By blending AI, automation, and human insight, they strive to create a future where businesses can achieve unprecedented efficiency and focus on core innovation. Their ambition is to lead in their category, continuously evolving to meet the challenges of an AI-driven world.


The team, led by co-founders Mateusz Wikło and Kacper Raszkiewicz, brings diversified experience in tech and consulting. Their firsthand experience with efficiency shifts and workforce deployment challenges has shaped Epinote’s strategic direction. The team’s expertise and commitment are pivotal in driving the company’s innovative solutions and market growth.

Investors and Funding

Epinote’s €1.4M pre-seed funding round was led by Movens Capital, Kogito Ventures, and Next Road Ventures, with participation from Corvus Ventures and business angels. These investors bring not only capital but also strategic support and industry insights, recognizing Epinote’s potential to become a category leader and their innovative approach to workforce deployment.

Achievements and Milestones

Epinote has rapidly gained traction with over 50 clients globally, including notable names like BCG and Packhelp. Their ability to deliver complex data projects swiftly and manage repetitive tasks effectively demonstrates their operational success. These achievements underscore their market relevance and the effectiveness of their unique service model.

Challenges and Risks

While Epinote is on a growth trajectory, they face challenges like market competition, the need for continuous technological advancement, and adapting to changing business environments. Additionally, balancing the human and technological aspects of their service to maintain quality and efficiency is an ongoing endeavor.

Jobs and Careers

Epinote offers a dynamic and innovative work environment for those interested in shaping the future of workforce deployment. With a growing team and a focus on talent development, career opportunities at Epinote are diverse, ranging from technology specialists to project managers. As the company expands, it continues to seek individuals who are eager to contribute to their visionary journey.

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