Synthesia: #1 AI Video Generation Platform

Founded in 2017 by a team from prestigious institutions like UCL, Stanford, TUM, and Cambridge, Synthesia is at the forefront of revolutionizing video content creation. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the company aims to democratize video production, eliminating the need for traditional equipment like cameras, microphones, or studios. Synthesia’s mission is not just about simplifying video creation but also about fostering human creativity and changing the content creation landscape for the better.

Idea and Product

Synthesia’s core product is an AI-based platform that enables users to generate videos using digital avatars. This innovative approach removes the need for physical filming, offering a streamlined, efficient alternative to conventional video production. The platform supports over 120 languages and is capable of creating a variety of content, from corporate presentations to training videos. Synthesia’s product represents a significant shift in how videos are produced, aiming to make high-quality video content accessible to everyone.


Synthesia operates in a dynamic and expanding market of AI-driven content creation tools. With the proliferation of platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok, there’s a growing demand for efficient, cost-effective video production solutions. Synthesia caters to a diverse range of clients, including businesses and individuals who seek to produce high-quality video content without the complexities and costs associated with traditional video production.

Business Model

Synthesia’s business model revolves around providing enterprise-grade AI video generation services. The company has attracted a large clientele, including prominent names like Tiffany’s, IHG, and Moody’s Analytics. They offer subscription-based services, making their platform accessible to a wide range of users, from small businesses to large corporations. This model has proven effective, as evidenced by their consistent triple-digit growth and the production of over 12 million videos on the platform.


The backbone of Synthesia’s offerings is their proprietary AI technology, which is years in the making. This technology enables the creation of realistic digital avatars and the generation of AI-driven videos. Synthesia invests heavily in AI research, collaborating with leading institutions to push the boundaries of video generation technology. Their focus is on making avatars more expressive and capable of performing a broader range of tasks, a testament to their commitment to continuous innovation.

Vision and Ambition

Synthesia’s vision is to revolutionize the video production process by making it as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation. Their ambition extends beyond just providing a service – they aim to fundamentally alter how people approach video content creation. The company’s goal is to unlock creative potential and provide tools that empower users to convey knowledge and ideas more effectively through video.


Synthesia’s team is composed of AI researchers and entrepreneurs with roots in top-tier institutions. This diverse team brings a blend of academic excellence and entrepreneurial spirit, driving the company’s innovative edge. The culture at Synthesia emphasizes humility, fun, and a focus on building world-class products, encouraging employees to take ownership and lead with initiative.

Investors and Funding

Synthesia has successfully raised $90 million, reaching a valuation of $1 billion. Key investors include Accel and Nvidia, along with other notable names like Kleiner Perkins, GV, FirstMark Capital, and MMC. This financial backing not only validates Synthesia’s market potential but also enables further investment in AI research and technological advancements.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception, Synthesia has achieved remarkable growth, with a user increase of 456% year-over-year and over 12 million videos generated on its platform. The company has served more than 50,000 businesses globally, including nearly half of the Fortune 500 companies. These achievements highlight Synthesia’s impact and the increasing demand for AI-driven video production.

Challenges and Risks

As with any AI-driven platform, Synthesia faces challenges such as ethical concerns related to deepfakes and the potential misuse of their technology. The company addresses these issues through responsible practices and a focus on ethical development. Additionally, as the AI video generation market grows, Synthesia must stay ahead of emerging competitors and continuously innovate to maintain its market leadership.

Jobs and Careers

Synthesia offers a range of career opportunities, from digital design and video content creation to customer support and engineering roles. The company values diversity and provides a remote-friendly workspace with flexible working hours. Employees enjoy competitive salaries, stock options, and benefits like 25 days of paid time off and company-wide offsites. Synthesia encourages a culture where acting like an owner is valued, fostering a dynamic and empowering work environment.

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