Pictory: Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers

Pictory is an innovative AI video generator that revolutionizes the way videos are created, particularly in the realm of content marketing. Designed to streamline the video creation process, Pictory facilitates the generation of highly shareable video content, thereby enhancing sales and lead generation. With its user-friendly interface, Pictory caters to both beginners and professionals, simplifying the task of video production.

Idea and Product

Pictory distinguishes itself from competitors like Synthesia.io by forgoing AI avatars and instead utilizing stock images and videos. While Synthesia incorporates Shutterstock’s extensive media library and AI avatars, Pictory focuses on converting scripts into engaging videos, summarizing long videos, and creating video highlights. This approach underscores Pictory’s commitment to ease of use and efficiency in video production.


Pictory’s market mainly consists of content marketers, bloggers, social media managers, and business content creators. The platform’s recent collaboration with ElevenLabs, a leading AI voice provider, further enhances its appeal by integrating hyper-realistic voiceovers, thus appealing to a wider range of business applications, including marketing, training, and internal communications.

Business Model

Pictory operates on a subscription-based model, offering various pricing plans tailored to different user needs and scales. These plans range from a Starter plan for individual content creators to a Teams plan designed for collaborative video production efforts. This model allows Pictory to cater to a diverse clientele while ensuring steady revenue growth.


At the core of Pictory’s offering is its advanced AI technology, which enables users to convert text-based content into captivating short-form videos. The technology focuses on analyzing text, generating subtitles, and editing videos efficiently, thus eliminating the need for manual editing and saving valuable time and effort.

Vision and Ambition

Pictory’s vision extends beyond merging technologies; it’s about redefining content creation and consumption. The partnership with ElevenLabs and the planned introduction of advanced voice-cloning and support for multiple languages highlight Pictory’s ambition to set new standards in video content and to be at the vanguard of generative AI video technology.


Founded in 2019 by Vikram Chalana, Abid Mohammed, and Vishal Chalana, Pictory benefits from a team with a strong background in marketing and technology. The founders’ prior experience, including Vikram and Vishal Chalana’s successful venture Winshuttle, provides Pictory with valuable leadership and insight into software development and business strategy.

Investors and Funding

Pictory has garnered support from notable investors, including a $2.1 million seed round led by FUSE and Voyager Capital. This funding, complemented by investments from prominent Seattle angel investors, is instrumental in expanding Pictory’s sales, marketing efforts, and product development.

Achievements and Milestones

Pictory has achieved remarkable growth, including a rapid increase in revenues and a significant expansion of its customer base. The integration of ElevenLabs’ AI voices and the planned addition of more high-quality voices and language support are key milestones that reinforce Pictory’s position in the market.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its successes, Pictory faces challenges such as stiff competition in the AI video creation market and the need to continuously innovate to stay ahead. The reliance on AI technology also presents risks associated with the accuracy and quality of generated content, which Pictory must continually address.

Jobs and Careers

Pictory is comprised of a diverse team of entrepreneurs, marketers, and engineers dedicated to transforming long-form content into engaging short-form videos. The team, which values agility, humility, continuous learning, and data-driven decision-making, initially developed Pictory at a Seattle hackathon and has since been committed to constant innovation and customer-centric development. Currently, Pictory is expanding its team and is looking for globally remote professionals, specifically a Motion Graphics Designer and a Principal Frontend Engineer. These roles offer the opportunity to work in a dynamic, growth-oriented environment, contributing to a cutting-edge platform in the content creation and digital marketing industry.

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