C3 AI: This is Enterprise AI

C3 AI stands out as a premier provider of enterprise AI software, spearheading digital transformation. Their unique C3 AI Application Platform facilitates the creation of large-scale AI applications more efficiently and cost-effectively compared to other methods. This platform caters to a wide range of industries, offering prebuilt, configurable AI applications that enhance various business aspects like reliability, fraud detection, and customer engagement.

Idea and Product

The concept behind C3 AI revolves around leveraging cloud computing, big data, IoT, and predictive analytics for enterprise solutions. Starting with a focus on energy management, C3 AI has evolved its product offerings, incorporating advanced AI features. Its product suite now spans over 40 AI applications, targeting diverse sectors like utility, oil & gas, financial services, manufacturing, health, and defense.


C3 AI’s market has grown exponentially, fueled by the expansion of cloud computing, IoT, and AI software sectors. Initially, the AI software market was nascent, but as of 2023, it’s expected to surpass $450 billion. C3 AI’s market approach mirrors the evolutionary paths of tech giants like Microsoft and Oracle, constantly adapting and expanding its offerings to maintain market relevance and leadership.

Business Model

C3 AI’s business model has been adaptive, shifting from energy management solutions to a broader range of AI applications across various industries. The company’s revenue model has evolved from per-customer pricing to a more diverse approach, incorporating aspects like expected value pricing and consumption-based models. This flexibility has allowed C3 AI to capitalize on the surging demand for AI technology.


At the core of C3 AI’s offerings is their proprietary AI platform, which underpins their various applications. The company invests heavily in R&D, focusing on generative AI and other advanced technologies. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their continually expanding suite of applications, which now includes generative AI solutions for multiple sectors.

Vision and Ambition

C3 AI envisions itself at the forefront of the enterprise AI mega-market. Their ambition is to continuously expand their market offerings and position to meet the growing and evolving demands of the AI industry. The company aims to maintain a leading role in the enterprise AI space, recognizing the sector’s potential for explosive growth.


Thomas M. Siebel, the CEO and Chairman of C3 AI, is a seasoned leader with a rich background in enterprise software. His experience, having led Siebel Systems and contributing to Oracle’s growth, provides C3 AI with invaluable leadership. The company’s team comprises experts in data engineering, data science, and application development, all working towards realizing C3 AI’s ambitious goals.

Investors and Funding

In 2020 C3.ai sold 15.5 million shares in a price range between $36 and $38 per share during its IPO. The demand was solid, and this range was eventually raised due to the strong interest from investors.

Achievements and Milestones

C3 AI has achieved substantial growth, booking over $1.2 billion in contracts and recognizing $951.1 million in revenue from 2019 to 2023. Their product, C3 Energy Management, and subsequent expansions into other AI applications, have marked significant milestones in their journey. The company’s ability to continually adapt and expand its product offerings demonstrates its resilience and innovative spirit.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its successes, C3 AI faces challenges and risks. The company experienced fluctuating quarterly results and operational losses due to increased costs. The competitive AI market and the need to control costs while maintaining growth are significant challenges. Moreover, changing market perceptions and the need for constant innovation add to the risks C3 AI must navigate.

Jobs and Careers

C3 AI presents numerous career opportunities for professionals in data engineering, data science, and application development. The company’s pioneering role in AI and its expansive product range offer a dynamic and challenging work environment. As C3 AI continues to grow, it will likely keep attracting top talent keen on contributing to the AI revolution.

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