Station F: World’s Largest Startup Campus

Station F, located in the heart of Paris, is renowned as the world’s largest startup campus. It offers a vibrant community and comprehensive resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. This profile delves into the various aspects of Station F, highlighting its background, services, impact, and vision for the future.


Established in a former rail freight depot (La Halle Freyssinet), Station F occupies a massive 34,000 m2 space, designed by Eugène Freyssinet and remodeled by Wilmotte and Associates. It was inaugurated in June 2017 by President Emmanuel Macron and is known for housing up to 1,000 startups and early-stage businesses, including prominent corporate partners like Facebook and Microsoft.

Market Focus and Business Strategy

Station F supports a diverse range of startups, emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship. Its strategy involves offering a nurturing ecosystem for early-stage companies, with a focus on diversity and inclusivity, particularly through programs like the Fighters Program for underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Services for Founders

Founders benefit from a plethora of resources, including:

  • 600+ events and workshops annually
  • Online and on-campus programs like “Launch by STATION F”
  • Access to a vast investor community
  • Over 150 perks and offers
  • Co-living space Flatmates for 600 entrepreneurs

Eligibility Criteria

Station F selects startups based on their potential, progress, and passion. The acceptance rate is between 6-9%, ensuring a community of dedicated and promising entrepreneurs.

Application Process

Startups apply to different incubation programs, each with specific requirements. The selection process emphasizes the entrepreneur’s drive, business potential, and alignment with the program’s focus.

Core Technologies and Expertise

Station F does not specialize in a single technology but rather facilitates a broad range of tech-based startups. The campus is equipped with advanced facilities and resources suitable for various tech innovations.

Impact and Success Stories

Station F has significantly impacted the French and global startup ecosystem. Its startups have collectively raised substantial funds and created thousands of jobs, contributing to the economic growth and innovation landscape. In its first five years, Station F supported over 5,000 French startups, with a survival rate of 92.4%. It boasts of creating 47,200 jobs and aiding in raising over 8 billion euros. Hugging Face, its first unicorn company, is a notable success story.

Research and Development

While Station F itself is not a research entity, it fosters an environment where startups can engage in R&D activities, supported by the resources and network available at the campus.

Leadership and Team

Directed by Roxanne Varza, the team at Station F comprises individuals with startup experience and deep knowledge of the startup ecosystem. The team is organized into Operations, Communications & Events, Startup Programs, Partnerships & Services, and Tech.


Station F has established partnerships with numerous corporations and institutions for startup programs, including Google, Ubisoft, Zendesk, and several business schools and banks. These partnerships provide diverse opportunities and resources for the startups.

Investor Relations and Funding

Station F facilitates connections between startups and investors. It hosts events like the Future 40 funding event to showcase promising startups to potential investors.

Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges include aligning partner programs with Station F’s objectives and supporting startups post-graduation. Opportunities lie in further integrating the global startup ecosystem and expanding its impact.

Vision for the Future

Station F aims to remain a leader in the startup world, focusing on making entrepreneurship accessible and fostering a diverse, innovative community. It continues to evolve, with plans for expansion and enhanced program structures.

Station F: the world’s largest startup campus opens in Paris
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