Merantix: The AI Investment Platform

Merantix, founded in 2016, stands as a pioneering AI investment platform, dedicated to transforming groundbreaking AI ideas into leading companies. It operates as a venture studio with a unique focus on building and investing in AI ventures, leveraging a comprehensive platform to support founders in realizing their ambitious AI projects.


Established in Berlin, Merantix has distinguished itself as a prominent early-stage AI investor. It has built Europe’s largest AI platform, specializing in ideation, development, and investment in AI ventures. The team, consisting of over 200 members from more than 30 nationalities, brings diverse expertise to the table.

Market Focus and Business Strategy

Merantix targets a broad spectrum of industries, with a particular emphasis on transformative AI applications. The strategy involves early traction through customer engagement and co-creation, supported by a robust investment platform. Their €100m fund, focusing on both internal and external AI startups, underlines their commitment to expand in the AI domain.

Services for Founders

Offering €1M in idea-stage funding and equity arrangements, Merantix caters to founders with a strong industry understanding and entrepreneurial drive. Founders benefit from access to a vast network of AI researchers, tech infrastructure, and a deep-tech investor circle.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for partnership with Merantix, candidates must be standout founders or leaders who possess a deep understanding and passion for their industry, coupled with a strong drive for entrepreneurship. This includes having a solid foundational knowledge in AI or a keen interest in integrating AI technologies within their business models. Merantix seeks individuals who are not only experienced but also exhibit an enthusiasm for pioneering AI ventures.

Application Process

The application process for partnering with Merantix involves initial outreach to the Head of Founder Hiring with a detailed presentation of the applicant’s expertise and AI venture idea. Successful candidates then undergo a comprehensive evaluation of their business model and technology, aligning with Merantix’s focus on transformative AI solutions.

Core Technologies and Expertise

As the first global AI platform focusing on AI research and venture building, Merantix brings a wealth of expertise in AI technologies and their practical applications. This expertise is leveraged across a variety of AI verticals, contributing to the development of impactful AI solutions.

Portfolio and Projects

Merantix has incubated a number of companies, including notable ventures like Vara, an AI breast cancer detection startup, and Cambrium, focusing on AI-powered designer proteins. These ventures demonstrate the studio’s commitment to creating AI solutions with significant societal impacts.

Impact and Success Stories

Merantix has made notable strides in AI applications, particularly in healthcare and environmental sustainability. Vara’s success in German breast cancer screening centers and Cambrium’s environmentally friendly protein production exemplify the studio’s impactful ventures.

Research and Development

The firm is deeply invested in AI R&D, continuously exploring new use cases and applications. This focus is underpinned by collaborations with academic institutions and research into ethical AI deployment.

Leadership and Team

Co-founded by Adrian Locher and Dr. Rasmus Rothe, Merantix boasts a leadership team with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, AI, and technology. Their diverse and international team underscores their global approach to AI development.


Merantix collaborates with various stakeholders, including corporates like Volkswagen and Amazon, investors like SoftBank and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and academic institutions. These partnerships enhance their AI ecosystem and support their mission.

Investor Relations and Funding

With significant backing from investors like SoftBank, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Merantix has raised substantial funds for AI ventures. The €100m fund for co-investing in AI startups signifies their growing influence in the AI investment landscape.

Challenges and Opportunities

Navigating the rapidly evolving AI market, Merantix faces challenges like high startup valuations and regulatory complexities. However, these challenges are balanced by opportunities in AI innovation, particularly in high-impact sectors like healthcare and sustainability.

Vision for the Future

Merantix envisions a future where AI is central to business and societal transformation. With initiatives like the AI for Managers program and continuous expansion of its AI campus, the firm is positioned to lead the way in AI-driven change across industries.

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