Proemial: Making Research Easy

Founded in 2023, Proemial is an Aarhus-based startup focused on leveraging AI to revolutionize the accessibility and understanding of scientific research. They aim to democratize scientific knowledge by connecting researchers with a broader and more diverse audience.

Idea and Product

The core product of Proemial is an open platform that facilitates the personalized summarization of the latest research papers. This platform is designed to make scientific discoveries more accessible and understandable to a wider audience, thereby fostering greater engagement with scientific research.


Proemial operates in a niche yet crucial market segment that bridges AI, big data, education, and scientific research. Their approach targets not just the academic community but also aims to reach a broader audience interested in scientific developments.

Business Model

The company follows a B2B (Business-to-Business) model, providing services primarily to other businesses and institutions. This model is focused on leveraging their AI-driven platform to enhance the reach and impact of scientific research.


Proemial’s technology revolves around AI and conversational design, used innovatively for summarizing and explaining research papers. They utilize a mix of open-source and proprietary models to achieve this, ensuring the technology remains cutting-edge and effective.

Vision and Ambition

Proemial’s vision is to trigger a “Cambrian explosion of innovation and public discourse” in science. They aim to realize the full potential of new scientific insights by making them more accessible and comprehensible to a wide audience.


The company was founded by Geet Khosla, a serial tech entrepreneur, Mads Rydahl, an AI product visionary, and Brian Pedersen, a tech veteran. Their combined expertise spans across entrepreneurship, AI, and technology innovation.

Investors and Funding

Proemial raised €2 million in funding, led by People Ventures and co-led by Dreamcraft Ventures. The round also saw participation from angel investors and advisors from major tech companies like Apple, Google, Meta, and academic figures like Serge Belongie from The Pioneer Centre for AI. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, has also shown support as an advisor.

Achievements and Milestones

Although still in its early stages, Proemial has successfully secured significant funding and backing from prominent figures in the tech and academic world. Their innovative approach to disseminating scientific knowledge has garnered attention in the AI and academic communities.

Challenges and Risks

As a startup in the evolving field of AI and big data, Proemial faces the challenge of continuously adapting and innovating in a highly competitive market. Ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of their AI models in summarizing complex research papers is another critical challenge.

Jobs and Careers

Current job opportunities at Proemial include Senior Product Designer, Full Stack Developer and Senior AI Engineer. Given their growth and innovative approach, additional opportunities in AI development, research analysis, and tech development may be expected.

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