Magic Feedback: Unifying and Categorizing User Feedback with AI

Magic Feedback is a pioneering AI startup launched in 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark, specializing in user feedback analysis and management. The company leverages advanced AI technologies to offer unique solutions that help businesses better understand and categorize user feedback, streamlining their insight gathering process.

Idea and Product

The core product of Magic Feedback is an AI-driven platform designed to unify and categorize user feedback. This platform enables businesses to efficiently manage and analyze feedback from various sources, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. This innovation addresses the challenge of scattered feedback, which often leads to decision-making without key insights.


Magic Feedback operates in the competitive and rapidly evolving AI and data analytics market. Their primary focus is on businesses seeking to enhance their customer insight capabilities, making their product relevant across a wide range of industries. These are companies inundated with qualitative user feedback, such as support tickets, meeting notes, and product reviews. Its platform is particularly beneficial for product teams emphasizing product discovery and understanding user needs.

Business Model

The company adopts a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This involves subscription-based access to their AI platform, providing ongoing support and updates to clients.


Magic Feedback’s technology stack is centered around AI and machine learning algorithms. These are used to process large volumes of user feedback data, identifying patterns and trends that would be challenging to discern manually.

Vision and Ambition

The company aims to revolutionize how businesses handle user feedback, moving towards a more data-driven and customer-centric approach. Their vision includes making AI-based feedback analysis a standard practice in business operations. They aspire to make a positive impact on every product on the internet by providing clear and organized user insights.


The startup was founded by Nima Vali Rajabi (CEO) and Francisco Arias (CTO), both former Google employees. Their combined experience and leadership drive the company’s innovative approach in the AI feedback space.

Investors and Funding

Magic Feedback raised €1.2 million in a pre-seed investment round. The round was led by Maki VC, with additional backing from angel investor Geeta Schmidt, the former CEO and Co-founder of Humio.

Achievements and Milestones

The company officially launched its platform in September 2023 and has been actively onboarding industry-leading customers. They have also introduced new products like AI-powered feedback surveys, forms, and a search engine.

Challenges and Risks

Like any AI startup, Magic Feedback faces challenges such as staying ahead in a highly competitive market, ensuring data privacy and security, and continuously improving their AI algorithms to meet evolving customer needs.

Jobs and Careers

Magic Feedback will offer various career opportunities, particularly in fields related to AI, software development, data analysis, and business development.

Danish AI startup Magic Feedback raises €1.2 million to democratize access to user feedback

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