NVIDIA Inception: Empowering the World’s Cutting‑Edge Startups

NVIDIA Inception is a pioneering program designed to support startups at every stage of their development with access to cutting-edge technology, expertise, venture capital connections, and marketing support. Located in Santa Clara, California, this program aims to accelerate the growth of startups globally by leveraging NVIDIA’s extensive resources and network.


NVIDIA, a leader in AI and accelerated computing, established the Inception program to nurture the ecosystem of technology startups. Through its comprehensive support and resources, NVIDIA Inception has become a cornerstone for startups working in AI, deep learning, data science, and other technology-driven fields.

Market Focus and Business Strategy

NVIDIA Inception focuses on empowering startups across various industries, including AI, deep learning, data science, HPC, networking, graphics, AR/VR, and gaming. The program’s strategy revolves around providing technological, financial, and marketing support to startups at different stages, from ideation to market entry and expansion.

Services for Founders

Founders benefit from a suite of services including:

  • Access to NVIDIA’s startup portal
  • Free credits for NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute courses
  • Discounted technical workshops
  • Unlimited access to NVIDIA Developer Forums
  • Preferred pricing on select hardware and software
  • Venture capital connections through Inception Capital Connect
  • Exclusive NVIDIA Inception events

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, startups must:

  • Employ at least one developer
  • Maintain a working website
  • Be officially incorporated and less than 10 years old

Application Process

Startups can apply to NVIDIA Inception regardless of their current funding stage, with no application deadlines, cohorts, or term limits. The application must include details about the startup’s funding status, incorporation, and a brief on how NVIDIA’s technology could be leveraged.

Core Technologies and Expertise

NVIDIA Inception offers expertise in AI, deep learning, accelerated computing, and more, providing startups with access to the latest NVIDIA technologies and resources to drive innovation.

Impact and Success Stories

The program boasts over 17,000 members globally, contributing to various sectors by improving solar energy predictions, enhancing AI model efficiency, and more, showcasing the program’s widespread impact. Members of NVIDIA Inception, like OpenAI and Pendulum, are making significant advancements in their fields, from improving AI models for better language understanding to detecting falsehoods in social media content.

Research and Development

NVIDIA Inception encourages R&D efforts by providing access to NVIDIA’s technology and expertise, supporting startups in developing groundbreaking solutions.

Leadership and Team

Led by NVIDIA veterans and industry experts, the Inception program benefits from deep insight and experience in nurturing startups and driving technological innovation.


NVIDIA Inception fosters partnerships with venture capitalists and industry leaders to provide startups with unparalleled networking and growth opportunities.

Investor Relations and Funding

The program connects startups with potential investors through NVIDIA Inception Venture Capital Alliance, promoting growth and innovation in the tech ecosystem.

Challenges and Opportunities

Startups face challenges like accessing cutting-edge technology and capital. NVIDIA Inception addresses these by offering resources, networking, and funding opportunities, presenting a unique advantage in the competitive tech landscape.

Vision for the Future

NVIDIA Inception aims to continue supporting the growth of technology startups worldwide, driving innovation and accelerating the development of new solutions to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Empowering the World’s Cutting‑Edge Startups
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