Case Study: How AI Powers Haier’s Global Domination


Founded in China, Haier has consistently emerged as a pioneering brand, particularly in the realm of smart home appliances. Their journey, rooted in ‘Customer Inspired Innovation’, speaks to their commitment to put consumers at the center of their design philosophy. By leveraging advancements such as AI and IoT, the company has not only revolutionized home appliance use in China but has also significantly impacted global markets. Their efforts to combine traditional appliances with innovative technologies have made them a beacon in the home appliance industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Haier places a strong emphasis on ‘Customer Inspired Innovation’, using AI to enhance user experience.
  • Haier has partnered with global giants such as China Mobile and Huawei to advance their AI capabilities.
  • The company has introduced AIoT, blending AI with IoT, to facilitate seamless human-machine interactions.
  • Haier’s growth rate in the European market stands at 25% annually, establishing them as a leading Chinese brand in Europe.
  • Their AI efforts extend across a variety of products, including washing machines, wine coolers, and refrigerators.

Deep Dive: How AI Powers Haier’s Global Domination


Haier has grounded its AI strategy on the principle of ‘Customer Inspired Innovation’. By understanding consumer needs in-depth, Haier formulates its product strategies. Collaborations, such as those with China Mobile and Huawei, also play a significant role, providing a foundation for technological advancements.


Across various products, Haier has seamlessly integrated AI. The Haier 959 and 979 Plus washing machines use AI to cater to intuitive laundry needs. Their wine cabinets employ AI to maintain temperature, humidity, and lighting conditions reminiscent of traditional wine cellars, while also offering a ‘smart’ element where users can locate bottles via their smartphones. Additionally, the Cube 90 series refrigerator, acting as a smart kitchen hub, allows users to browse the internet, access recipes, and even monitor their ovens.


Haier’s AI innovations have seen widespread acceptance. In Europe, products like their intelligent wine cabinets and washing machines have garnered significant attention. Their growth in Europe stands testament to their success, with a consistent annual growth rate of 25%.

Challenges and Barriers

Despite the vast strides, challenges exist. Interconnectivity issues arise when smart home products from different manufacturers can’t communicate effectively. Moreover, reliance on foreign suppliers for high-end smart chips remains a concern. As Zhao Meimei noted, the large-scale application of these smart home devices will take more time, pointing to certain technological and integration barriers still at play.

Future Outlook

The horizon looks promising for Haier. As they delve further into globalization and AI, their “10+N” innovation system aims to offer even more intelligent and convenient living solutions. Their focus remains on user-centric innovation, which suggests that the evolution of their product line will consistently cater to the changing needs of consumers globally.


Haier’s journey in integrating AI into their products has reshaped the smart home landscape. By prioritizing consumer needs and collaborating with technological giants, they’ve produced innovative products that seamlessly blend tradition with technology. Challenges remain, but with their user-first approach and commitment to innovation, Haier is well-positioned to lead the global shift towards a smarter, more interconnected future.

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