Case Study: Apple’s Quiet AI Revolution


In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), major tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon have been vocal about their AI investments. Apple, in contrast, has been relatively quiet in the public discourse. However, the gap between Apple’s public statements and internal actions is significant. Behind the scenes, Apple has become the leading buyer of AI and machine learning companies, reflecting a robust internal commitment to the technology. By 2023, Apple’s strategic moves have become evident in the incorporation of AI into its products, enhancing their capabilities and user experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple is the leading acquirer of AI startups since 2017.
  • Despite public silence, Apple’s commitment to AI is evident in its products and internal strategies.
  • AI reshapes core Apple products, enhancing user experience.
  • Apple focuses on practical AI implementations, including improved device interaction and enhanced photo features.
  • The company faces challenges with generative AI concerning copyright issues.

Deep Dive: Apple’s Quiet AI Revolution


Unlike its competitors who are explicit about their AI journeys, Apple’s approach to AI has been less publicized. Apple’s reticence is rooted in its corporate culture of unveiling products and features only when they reach the market. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook elucidated this strategy by emphasizing the company’s penchant for announcing advancements as they come to market.


Apple’s investments in AI encompass a variety of domains – from self-driving technology and voice design to music generation and image recognition. They have even ventured into large language models, with internal tools like “Ajax GPT.” Features such as personal voice and live voicemail have been made possible due to AI. The Neural Engine in Apple’s Series 9 Watch chip accelerates AI functions, making Siri more accurate. Their new iPhone has an improved image capture capability, automatically recognizing when a person is in the frame and blurring the background. Apple’s AI also enables intuitive interactions, such as allowing users to “double tap” by finger-pinching on their watch hand.


AI’s silent reshaping of Apple products has resulted in more interactive devices. AI components have made Siri 25% more accurate. Features powered by AI, like Fall Detection, Crash Detection, and predictive autocorrect, are now integral to Apple’s device experience. The AI-driven enhancements to the iPhone’s image capturing and Apple Watch’s interaction modalities signify Apple’s commitment to leveraging AI for improving user experience.

Challenges and Barriers

Apple’s journey with AI hasn’t been without challenges. The most pressing concern is generative AI’s impact on copyright. Since generative AI systems learn by analyzing vast amounts of data, often sourced online, concerns arise about using copyrighted works. High-profile lawsuits, such as those from authors George RR Martin and John Grisham against OpenAI, underscore these copyright issues.

Future Outlook

Apple is poised for significant AI growth. Tim Cook emphasized Apple’s ongoing investment in AI in the UK and stated the company’s intention to increase its investment. Apple’s ongoing AI pursuits indicate a desire to further integrate AI across its product range. As competitors also heavily invest in AI, Apple’s trajectory suggests further product enhancements and a potential expansion into new AI-driven sectors.


Apple’s journey in AI underscores its commitment to enhancing user experience through innovation. While the tech giant may not be as vocal as its competitors about its AI advancements, its approach — marked by strategic acquisitions and integration of AI into core products — exemplifies its forward-thinking mindset. As AI continues to evolve, Apple’s adaptive strategy will likely ensure its products remain at the forefront of technological advancement.

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