Case Study: BCG and Intel Partner to Bring AI Solutions to Enterprise Clients


In May 2023, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Intel Corp joined forces to pioneer a new strategic collaboration. The partnership was forged with a mission to bring generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to enterprise clients. The driving force behind this project was the desire to leverage AI technology to analyze, understand, and utilize BCG’s extensive archive of reports and presentations more effectively.

Key Observations

  • The collaboration between Intel and BCG led to the introduction of a generative AI system that could effectively utilize data from BCG’s extensive archive of reports and presentations to offer comprehensive responses to specific queries.
  • High importance was placed on data privacy and security throughout the project, ensuring all processes could function securely within the clients’ environment.
  • The project made significant use of Intel’s AI supercomputer, which is powered by Intel Xeon Scalable Processors and AI-optimized hardware accelerators (Habana Gaudi).

Deep Dive: BCG and Intel Partner to Bring AI Solutions to Enterprise Clients


The collaborative approach was to create a system that uses Intel’s AI supercomputer to leverage BCG’s proprietary data. This supercomputer, powered by Xeon Scalable Processors and AI-optimized hardware accelerators (Habana Gaudi), is used to train a domain-specific foundation model. The technology was meticulously chosen to be enterprise-grade from the start, ensuring privacy, security, ease of use, and scalability.


BCG implemented a natural language chatbot interface powered by Intel AI hardware and software. This custom solution provided access to BCG’s data archive and generated summaries from vast amounts of data, previously hidden in lengthy documents. Importantly, all AI training and inferencing were completed within BCG’s secure environment, keeping the stringent data privacy and security requirements intact.


The successful implementation of the generative AI application resulted in remarkable improvements in user satisfaction. Compared to the traditional keyword search solutions, BCG employees reported a 41% increase in satisfaction, a 25% growth in result relevancy, and a 39% increase in improved work completion rates.

Challenges and Barriers

  1. Risk Management and Data Security: Ensuring the integrity, security, and protection of data was paramount. With the AI platform comprising both vendor and proprietary applications and data stores, maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of such extensive data was a significant challenge.
  2. Scalability of AI Applications: Implementing generative AI technology at an enterprise level posed a complexity in terms of scalability. Overcoming the challenges of such extensive implementation and ensuring seamless operations across the enterprise was a key concern.
  3. Integration into Existing Workflows: A major hurdle involved incorporating AI capabilities into the existing enterprise workflows. It was not only a technical challenge but also required considerable change management efforts to ensure a smooth transition.

Future Outlook

Intel and BCG intend to start selling some of the technology they developed during this collaboration. They aim to enable other companies in industries with strict data storage and sharing rules, like financial services, to train AI systems using proprietary data, without the need to share it with either Intel or BCG.


The strategic collaboration between Intel and BCG demonstrates a successful use case for generative AI technology. It showcases the potential of AI to revolutionize business operations while upholding high data privacy and security standards. This case study serves as a powerful example for other enterprises embarking on their AI journey, providing insights into the potential challenges and the enormous benefits that AI can bring to an organization.

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