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Upstage is a pioneering South Korean artificial intelligence startup specializing in document processing and large language models. Recently, the company secured $72 million in Series B funding to facilitate its global expansion, particularly into the U.S. market. This recent financial boost brings Upstage’s total funding to an impressive $100 million. The company’s innovative technology and ambitious growth plans position it as a significant player in the global AI industry.

Idea and Product

Upstage’s core offerings include a sophisticated document processing engine and a proprietary large language model named Solar. These products are designed to enhance the efficiency of processing both physical and digital documents across various sectors such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, and legal industries. By allowing users to interact with data through natural conversational language, Upstage dramatically simplifies the way enterprises handle document inquiries and data extraction.


Upstage operates in a rapidly growing segment of the AI market, focusing on document AI and language processing solutions. With a proven track record in South Korea, the company is now looking to replicate its success on a global scale. The demand for AI-driven document processing is particularly high in industries like finance and healthcare, where data accuracy and management are critical.

Business Model

Upstage generates revenue through the deployment of its AI solutions, including on-premises installations and API integrations with platforms like Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. This model allows the company to cater to a broad range of enterprise needs, providing flexibility in how its technologies are applied within customer operations. Upstage’s strategy includes expanding its customer base internationally, leveraging its recent funding to scale operations and enter new markets.


At the heart of Upstage’s product suite is its use of optical character recognition (OCR) technology coupled with its large language model, Solar. This integration allows the rapid digitization and understanding of diverse document types, boasting a high accuracy rate even under challenging conditions. The technology’s ability to adapt to various industries and its scalability underscores its potential in the global AI landscape.

Vision and Ambition

Upstage aims to lead the charge in the generative AI space, with aspirations to develop what it calls the ‘ultimate AGI for work’ solution. By continuously enhancing its AI models and expanding its geographical footprint, Upstage is committed to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that empower businesses worldwide. The vision extends beyond mere technological innovation, focusing also on creating inclusive AI systems that benefit a broad spectrum of users.


Led by co-founder and CEO Sung Kim, Upstage boasts a talented team of experts in AI and technology. The leadership team is rounded out by Chief Science Officer Park Eunjeong and Chief Technology Officer Lee Hwalsuk, who are currently focused on expanding the company’s presence in the U.S. This skilled team combines strategic insight with technical prowess to steer the company towards its ambitious goals.

Investors and Funding

Upstage has attracted a mix of new and returning investors in its latest funding round, including major South Korean financial institutions like Korea Development Bank and Shinhan Venture Investment. The continued support from existing investors, such as SBVA (formerly SoftBank Ventures Asia), highlights confidence in Upstage’s strategic direction and technological foundation.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception, Upstage has quickly become one of the top-funded AI startups in South Korea. The rollout of its Document AI and Solar LLM products, followed by significant contract wins and the expansion into the U.S. market, are key milestones. The company has also developed around 1,000 fine-tuning models based on Solar LLM, creating a new ecosystem for AI application development.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its rapid growth, Upstage faces challenges typical of the AI industry, including technology adoption barriers and intense competition from both established tech giants and other startups. Regulatory changes and market dynamics in international territories also pose potential risks that could impact the company’s expansion efforts and product deployment.

Jobs and Careers

Upstage is actively recruiting talent globally to support its expansion, offering a range of positions from AI research engineering to business development. The company promotes a flexible, inclusive work environment with remote and hybrid roles available, emphasizing its commitment to personal growth and employee well-being. This progressive approach aims to attract and retain top talent in the competitive AI technology landscape.

Korea’s AI startup Upstage raises $72 mn for global expansion
Document AI startup Upstage raises $72M for global expansion

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