Tektonic AI: GenAI Agents for Revenue Operations

Tektonic AI is an emerging startup based in Seattle, focused on revolutionizing enterprise operations through GenAI agents. These agents are designed to tackle repetitive and inefficient tasks that hinder business operations. By employing a blend of generative and symbolic AI, Tektonic AI offers a unique approach to automating complex business processes. The company’s recent emergence from stealth mode and the successful acquisition of $10 million in seed funding highlight its potential and growing recognition in the tech industry.

Idea and Product

Tektonic AI introduces GenAI agents to enable natural language processing for automating workflow tasks in enterprises. These agents are particularly adept at handling dynamic and specific business processes that traditional robotic process automation (RPA) struggles with. For instance, in areas like sales and renewals, where manual intervention is typically necessary, Tektonic’s GenAI agents can automate these tasks, making the processes faster and more efficient.


The market for Tektonic AI’s products is vast, encompassing enterprises bogged down by manual and repetitive tasks across various departments. Initial focus areas include sales and revenue operations, where the need for quick decision-making and task completion is critical. As businesses increasingly seek to enhance efficiency and reduce reliance on manual processes, Tektonic’s solutions are well-positioned to meet these demands.

Business Model

Tektonic AI plans to operate on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing AI-driven automation tools hosted in the cloud. This approach allows for scalable solutions that enterprises can integrate with existing systems via APIs. The startup aims to attract companies with over $50 million in revenue, offering them tailored solutions that streamline operations and improve efficiency.


Tektonic leverages a combination of foundation models for entity extraction and symbolic AI for rule application, ensuring that the agents not only understand user commands but also adhere to business rules. This technology enables the automation of tasks that are both repetitive and those requiring adaptation to new information or changes in the business environment.

Vision and Ambition

Tektonic’s vision extends beyond simplifying current processes; it aims to redefine how businesses interact with data and systems. By integrating AI that can interpret and execute based on contextual understanding, Tektonic envisions a future where business operations are significantly more autonomous and efficient, leading to faster decision-making and reduced operational costs.


Co-founded by Nic Surpatanu and David Hsu, Tektonic AI boasts a leadership team with deep roots in AI, automation, and software development. Surpatanu’s experience with companies like Microsoft and UiPath gives him unique insights into the challenges of automation at scale, while Hsu’s background in engineering at companies like Google and Meta complements the technical prowess of the team.

Investors and Funding

The $10 million seed funding round was led by prominent investors such as Point72 Ventures and Madrona Ventures. This financial backing not only validates the market potential of Tektonic’s technology but also enables the company to accelerate its development and go-to-market strategies. Investor confidence is bolstered by the involvement of industry veterans on the board, including Steve Singh of Madrona Ventures.

Achievements and Milestones

Despite being in its early stages, Tektonic has already made significant strides, such as coming out of stealth mode and securing substantial seed funding. The startup is currently working with design partner customers to refine and expand its product offerings. These partnerships are crucial for tailoring Tektonic’s technology to real-world applications and ensuring its effectiveness across various industries.

Challenges and Risks

Tektonic faces several challenges, including the complexity of seamlessly integrating AI with diverse business systems and processes. Additionally, as the technology is still being developed, there is the inherent risk of encountering unforeseen technical and adoption challenges. Moreover, convincing enterprises to transition from traditional processes to AI-driven automation could pose significant adoption hurdles.

Jobs and Careers

As Tektonic continues to grow, it is actively expanding its team, offering positions such as AI/ML Engineer and Full Stack Software Engineer in the Seattle area. These roles are critical as the company scales up its operations and enhances its product offerings. The startup environment provides a dynamic work atmosphere with ample opportunities for professional growth and innovation in AI and process automation.

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Tektonic AI Emerges from Stealth with $10M in Funding
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