Startup H: Pioneering the Next Frontier of AI with Agentic Foundational Models

Startup H, recently launched in Paris and originally known as Holistic, has swiftly captured the attention of the global tech community with its groundbreaking $220 million seed funding. The company aims to innovate in the AI sector by developing “agentic” foundational models, a new category of AI that promises enhanced capabilities in reasoning, planning, and collaboration. Founded by ex-DeepMind scientists and a former Stanford University researcher, H is positioned at the forefront of AI development. This ambitious startup’s notable entry into the AI landscape is marked by significant financial backing and a clear vision for the future of artificial intelligence.

Idea and Product

H is focused on creating foundational models that excel in breaking down complex tasks into manageable subtasks. These AI models, described as “agentic,” are designed to perform multiple steps and collaborate effectively, surpassing the traditional models that respond to one prompt at a time. The potential applications of H’s technology are vast, ranging from enhancing business automation to powering consumer services. This innovative approach allows for the automation of complex workflows, significantly expanding the capabilities of businesses that integrate these advanced AI systems.


The AI market that H enters is burgeoning and highly competitive, with major players across the globe pushing the boundaries of what AI can achieve. H’s positioning in Paris, a growing hub for AI innovation in Europe, places it in direct competition with other emerging giants like Mistral AI. The demand for AI technologies that can automate business processes and enhance decision-making is increasing, making H’s advanced models particularly attractive to enterprises and investors alike.

Business Model

H plans to monetize its AI technology by partnering with companies seeking to integrate advanced AI capabilities into their operations. The startup’s initial focus on business-to-business (B2B) solutions aims to leverage its foundational models for business automation and workflow optimization. Long-term, H envisions expanding its offerings to consumer markets, potentially introducing AI-powered consumer services. The flexibility in application underscores H’s strategic approach to both immediate revenue generation and future market expansion.


H’s technology strategy revolves around the development of multimodal foundation models capable of processing and integrating diverse data types, including text, images, and audio. This technical prowess enables H to tackle a wide array of AI challenges, particularly in enhancing machine reasoning, planning, and collaborative abilities. The technology underpinning H’s AI solutions reflects a significant advancement from traditional models, setting the stage for innovations that could transform entire industries.

Vision and Ambition

H’s vision is to drive global productivity through the next generation of AI, aiming to reach the milestone of artificial general intelligence (AGI). While AGI remains a speculative frontier in the AI field, H’s ambition positions it as a leader in the pursuit of technologies that could eventually perform tasks across a broad spectrum of human abilities. The founders’ experience and past achievements in AI research reinforce the company’s potential to make significant contributions to the field.


The team behind H comprises experts who have held pivotal roles at prestigious institutions like Google’s DeepMind and Stanford University. This group of founders and early recruits brings together a wealth of experience in AI development, particularly in areas like game theory and multi-agent systems. The team’s deep technical expertise and proven track record in AI innovation form a solid foundation for H’s strategic objectives and technological advancements.

Investors and Funding

H has secured substantial backing from a mix of venture capital firms, strategic partners, and influential tech giants such as Amazon and Samsung. Noteworthy investors include ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt and several prominent venture capital firms like Accel and FirstMark. This robust investment profile not only validates H’s market potential but also provides the financial resources necessary to accelerate its research and development efforts.

Achievements and Milestones

In a remarkably short period, H has achieved significant milestones, including a groundbreaking $220 million seed funding round and the assembly of a 25-person team of top-tier engineers and scientists. These early successes underscore H’s rapid progression from concept to a functioning entity poised to impact the AI sector. The strategic partnerships and planned commercial relationships, particularly with companies like UiPath, further highlight H’s operational achievements.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its promising start, H faces numerous challenges and risks. The high expectations from its substantial seed funding, the intense competition in the AI sector, and the technical hurdles associated with developing AGI are significant. Moreover, managing the transition of convertible bonds and other financial instruments presents a financial and strategic challenge that will require careful navigation as the company grows.

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