The Next Evolution of ITSM, an innovative American start-up with Indian founders, is at the forefront of revolutionizing employee service desks through artificial intelligence. This company is reshaping how organizations manage their IT services by introducing a ChatGPT-like IT services management (ITSM) chatbot. This AI-powered feature is integrated within Microsoft Teams, offering a seamless and efficient solution for handling employee queries and enhancing the workplace with data-driven, accurate responses.

Idea and Product

The core idea behind is to streamline and transform the enterprise knowledge base management with AI, specifically through a conversational AI chatbot. This chatbot is designed to navigate through vast amounts of documents, manuals, and IT helpdesk resources to learn and provide immediate support to employees. With capabilities to deliver personalized experiences and precise responses,’s product stands as a beacon of innovation in the ITSM space, offering features like smart chatbots, desktop automation, and live chat within Microsoft Teams.

Market targets a broad market comprising organizations looking to enhance their IT and HR support systems. Given the universal need for internal technical support in companies, addresses a significant pain point by eliminating traditional ticketing systems and providing instant, automated support. The demand for such solutions is growing as businesses seek to increase efficiency and employee productivity while reducing direct costs associated with legacy support models.

Business Model operates on a SaaS model, providing its AI-powered employee service desk platform to businesses. This model allows for scalability and flexibility, catering to organizations of various sizes and industries. The company generates revenue through subscription fees, offering different tiers of service based on features, support levels, and usage. This approach ensures a steady revenue stream while allowing customers to choose the most relevant solution for their needs.


The technology behind is a sophisticated blend of conversational AI, advanced automation, and deep learning. The platform’s AI is trained on millions of IT knowledge articles, enabling it to understand a wide range of documents and automate tasks efficiently. This technology foundation allows to auto-resolve a significant portion of employee issues, demonstrating the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge AI to improve workplace productivity and support.

Vision and Ambition’s vision is to redefine the employee service desk space by making support instantaneous and automated, thereby eliminating the need for manual knowledge creation and ticket tracking. The ambition is to establish itself as a leader in AI-powered support solutions, driving a shift towards more intelligent, efficient, and employee-friendly support systems across all industries.


The founding team of, comprising Manish Sharma, Saurabh Kumar, and Udaya Bhaskar Reddy, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in AI, ITSM, and business growth. Their leadership is pivotal in steering the company towards innovation and market leadership. The team’s diverse backgrounds and shared vision for transforming employee support through AI have been instrumental in’s success.

Investors and Funding has successfully raised $11 million in a Series A funding round led by SIG Venture Capital, with participation from Exfinity Venture Partners and support from existing investors 9Unicorns and Tri Valley Ventures. This financial backing underscores the confidence investors have in’s potential to redefine the employee service desk market and supports the company’s growth and technological advancement.

Achievements and Milestones has garnered significant acclaim, evidenced by its 5.0-star customer rating on G2 and recognition as a leader in the Service Desk category. The company has received numerous awards and titles, including Aragon Research 2021 Hot Vendor and HFS Research Hot Vendor, highlighting its impact and innovation in the ITSM space. These achievements underscore’s commitment to excellence and its role as a trailblazer in AI-powered employee support.

Challenges and Risks

As continues to innovate, it faces challenges and risks associated with the fast-paced evolution of AI technology and the competitive landscape. Ensuring data privacy, compliance with regulations, and maintaining technological superiority are ongoing challenges. Additionally, as the market for AI-powered solutions grows, must stay ahead of emerging competitors and continually innovate to meet evolving customer needs.

Jobs and Careers is on the lookout for passionate individuals to join its mission of transforming employee support through AI. With vacancies in engineering, product management, and technical architecture, among others, offers a dynamic and innovative work environment. The company values flat hierarchies, clear communication, and fosters a culture of ownership and responsibility, inviting candidates from diverse backgrounds to contribute to its growth and success.

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