Pimento: Your AI-Powered Creativity Companion

Pimento is an innovative French startup revolutionizing the creative process with generative AI. Positioned at the intersection of technology and creativity, it transforms briefs into comprehensive visual mood boards, aiding ideation and brainstorming. Recently securing €3M in seed funding, Pimento aims to enhance creative workflows for various industries, marking a new era in digital design and project development.

Idea and Product

Pimento’s core offering is a platform that converts creative briefs into detailed visual mood boards using advanced generative AI. It’s designed to streamline the first steps of the creative process, such as ideation and brainstorming, by generating a range of images, text, and colors based on initial inputs. This tool is particularly valuable for creative teams embarking on brand redesigns, ad campaigns, and other visual projects, aiming to enhance both the efficiency and quality of their creative outputs.


The company targets a diverse market comprising creative teams in branding, advertising, animation, and more. It addresses the needs of art directors, marketing teams, and freelancers seeking efficient and innovative tools for project ideation. By offering a solution that enhances creativity and productivity, Pimento aims to replace traditional tools like Pinterest and Canva, positioning itself as an essential asset in the creative industry’s digital transformation.

Business Model

Pimento operates on a subscription-based model, offering a range of plans tailored to different user needs and budgets. This model allows for scalable access to its AI-powered mood boarding features, catering to individual freelancers as well as larger creative teams. With its recent influx of seed funding, Pimento plans to further develop and refine its offerings, enhancing the value and appeal of its subscriptions. The startup’s commitment to continuous improvement suggests a long-term strategy to adapt and grow within the dynamic creative market.


The startup leverages cutting-edge generative AI technology, including fine-tuned open-source models like Stable Diffusion and Llama, to transform creative briefs into detailed mood boards. This technology allows users to explore a vast array of creative directions quickly, enhancing their ability to produce high-quality projects. The platform’s AI models bring a wealth of visual knowledge, aiding in the creation of unique and tailored content for various creative endeavors.

Vision and Ambition

Pimento is driven by a vision to redefine the creative landscape using AI, aiming to become an indispensable tool for creative professionals. Its ambition is to push the boundaries of generative AI, creating a platform that not only enhances creativity but also streamlines the collaborative process. By continuously advancing its technology, Pimento seeks to set new standards for quality, efficiency, and innovation in the creative industries.


The team is led by co-founders Florent Facq and Tomás Yany, who share a deep passion for blending creativity with technology. Their diverse backgrounds, with Facq’s experience in developing cultural projects and Yany’s expertise in AI research, provide a strong foundation for the company. Together, they lead a team committed to pushing the creative boundaries of AI, aiming to make Pimento a leader in the industry. Their collective vision and expertise are central to the startup’s innovative approach and ongoing success.

Investors and Funding

Pimento’s recent €3M seed funding round was led by Partech and Cygni Capital, signaling strong investor confidence. This round also attracted a diverse group of angel investors with expertise across AI, technology, and creative industries. Their involvement provides not just capital but also valuable industry insights and networks. This financial support underlines the market’s belief in Pimento’s potential to innovate and redefine creative processes.

Achievements and Milestones

Among Pimento’s notable achievements is the successful raising of €3M in seed funding, a testament to its potential and innovative approach. The startup has also launched its beta version, showcasing its commitment to product development and market entry. These milestones not only validate Pimento’s vision but also set the stage for future growth and continued innovation in the creative AI space.

Challenges and Risks

Pimento faces challenges typical of AI startups, including staying ahead in a rapidly evolving technology landscape and continuously innovating to meet user expectations. Market competition from established and new entrants poses another risk. Ensuring user privacy and data security is critical in maintaining trust. Additionally, adapting to the diverse and changing needs of creative professionals requires agility and understanding of the industry.

Jobs and Careers

Currently, Pimento is looking for a Software Engineer and a Product Designer. As the company expands, opportunities in technology development, creative consulting, and customer support may become available. Those interested in joining a forward-thinking startup at the intersection of AI and creative industries should watch for openings. Pimento’s commitment to innovation and quality suggests a dynamic and enriching work environment.

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