Maia: AI Relationship App that Keeps Couples Together

Maia, co-founded by Claire Wiley and Ralph Ma, represents a cutting-edge blend of technology and relationship science aimed at enhancing the bond between couples. While pursuing her MBA at Wharton, Wiley’s endeavor into a couples coaching program sparked the concept of Maia, further refined into a tech-forward solution upon collaboration with Ma, a seasoned Google research scientist. Together, they envision Maia as a digital conduit for couples seeking to enrich their relationship through AI-powered guidance, encapsulated in an app designed to provoke thoughtful interaction and mutual growth. Maia’s inception is rooted in Wiley and Ma’s personal experiences and a shared conviction that technology can offer a novel pathway to strengthening interpersonal connections.

Idea and Product

Maia is not just an app but a revolutionary approach to couples’ therapy and relationship maintenance, leveraging AI to facilitate meaningful interactions. By incorporating daily questions and activities that prompt reflection and dialogue, Maia encourages partners to explore the depth of their relationship, addressing challenges, celebrating gratitude, and uncovering layers of their connection previously untapped. The app stands out by transforming mundane communication into a source of insight and discovery, offering a platform where couples can grow together through guided exploration and shared experiences.


The realm of relationship assistance is vast, yet Maia carves out a unique niche by targeting couples eager for dynamic and accessible support. In a society where divorce rates loom high and the pursuit of relationship longevity becomes increasingly complex, Maia addresses a significant demand for preemptive and constructive relationship care. Its appeal lies in the fusion of technology and expert-driven content, offering a personalized and engaging experience far removed from the generalized advice found in traditional counseling or static couple apps.

Business Model

Maia’s business model revolves around the freemium concept, where basic interaction is complemented by premium features for a fee. These include bespoke programs designed by therapists and an option for unlimited messaging, addressing the common limitations of digital communication in relationships. This approach not only ensures accessibility to foundational tools for all users but also offers deeper, more tailored experiences for those seeking enhanced support, striking a balance between wide reach and specialized care.


At the heart of Maia is a sophisticated AI system trained by experts in relationship therapy, ensuring that interactions are not only personalized but also grounded in psychological principles. The technology behind Maia is designed to learn from each couple’s interactions, adapting and offering insights and activities that evolve with the relationship. This continuous learning process mirrors the journey of a relationship, where growth and understanding develop over time, facilitated by Ma’s expertise in machine learning and Wiley’s vision of tech-enhanced relationship support.

Vision and Ambition

Wiley and Ma’s vision for Maia transcends the app itself, aiming to redefine relationship care in the digital age. Their ambition is to make relationship support not only more accessible but also an integral part of daily life for couples, transforming maintenance into an adventure of mutual discovery and growth. They envision a future where Maia becomes a cornerstone of relationship health, empowering couples to navigate the complexities of intimacy with confidence, informed by the latest advances in AI and psychology.


The Maia team, though starting with just Wiley and Ma, encapsulates a diverse blend of skills and experiences. Wiley brings a rich background in tech and psychology, complemented by Ma’s expertise in AI and machine learning. Their collaboration is a testament to the power of interdisciplinary approaches in tackling complex human issues. Together, they embody the essence of Maia—innovation, empathy, and a relentless drive to improve the quality of relationships.

Investors and Funding

As a Y Combinator-backed startup, Maia has already caught the attention of notable investors, including Garry Tan, signaling strong market confidence in its vision and technology. This early support underscores the potential seen in Maia’s approach to leveraging AI for enhancing human connections, providing a solid foundation for future growth and development in the competitive landscape of tech startups.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception, Maia has quickly evolved from a promising concept to a tangible tool that couples rely on for daily support and growth. Its launch and positive user feedback, particularly the appreciation for its unbiased and insightful guidance, mark significant milestones. These accomplishments reflect not just the app’s technological prowess but also its impact on users’ lives, setting the stage for further innovations and expansions in the realm of relationship care.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its innovative approach, Maia faces challenges typical of tech startups, including the need to stand out in a crowded market and the ongoing refinement of its AI to ensure relevance and effectiveness. Privacy and ethical considerations in handling sensitive personal information are paramount, requiring vigilant governance and transparent practices to maintain user trust. Furthermore, the balance between AI guidance and human touch in therapy poses an ongoing exploration for Maia, aiming to complement rather than replace traditional relationship support methods.

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AI relationship app that keeps couples together

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