iGenius: Making Data Human

iGenius, an Italian artificial intelligence startup, is strategically positioning itself in the competitive AI landscape, with ambitions to rival giants like OpenAI. The company recently announced its intention to raise €650 million for a post-money valuation of approximately €1.7 billion, indicating its entry into the “unicorn” status. With its headquarters in Milan, iGenius has developed a distinctive product aimed at the financial services industry and is rapidly gaining traction.

Idea and Product

The core product of iGenius, named “Italia,” is an open-source foundational large language model tailored for the financial services industry among other sectors. Italia is a groundbreaking tool designed to enhance organizational efficiency by leveraging AI. Italia’s development underscores iGenius’s commitment to innovation in AI, focusing on sectors where data security and precise analytics are paramount. The product’s open-source nature also suggests a strategic move to foster a community-driven approach to development and improvement.


iGenius operates within the burgeoning market of AI technologies, specifically targeting the financial services sector. This industry’s reliance on accurate and fast data analysis makes it an ideal candidate for AI integration. iGenius’s strategic focus not only sets it apart from competitors but also taps into the massive potential for AI-driven efficiencies in finance. Additionally, the company’s expansion into other well-regulated sectors hints at its broader ambitions to penetrate markets where data privacy and security are critical.

Business Model

iGenius adopts a business model focused on recurring revenue, aiming to achieve €20 million annually by the end of 2024. This approach indicates a strong emphasis on building long-term customer relationships and developing sustainable revenue streams. The company’s business dealings with prominent entities like Allianz SE and Enel SpA exemplify its capability to attract and maintain high-value clients. The choice of an open-source model for its flagship product may also drive ancillary revenue streams through customized solutions and professional services.


iGenius leverages cutting-edge technology to develop its AI solutions, heavily utilizing Google Cloud’s infrastructure and machine learning APIs. This technological foundation allows iGenius to offer robust AI capabilities like natural language processing and data analytics at scale. The integration of multiple machine learning components ensures that iGenius can provide a seamless and efficient user experience, crucial for the demanding environments of its target markets.

Vision and Ambition

The vision of iGenius is to create AI solutions that prioritize human-centric approaches, making technology a servant rather than a master. The company envisions a world where data interaction becomes intuitive and inclusive, transforming decision-making processes across industries. By aligning its technological developments with these goals, iGenius not only aims to innovate but also to lead in ethical AI deployment, promoting privacy and security in data handling.


Led by CEO Uljan Sharka, the team at iGenius comprises individuals who are highly skilled and deeply committed to the company’s vision. The culture at iGenius encourages talent development, teamwork, and professional growth, reflecting in its offices in Milan and New York. The company’s focus on creating a supportive work environment is designed to attract top talent in the fields of AI, machine learning, and data analytics, fostering innovation and excellence.

Investors and Funding

iGenius has successfully attracted significant investment, securing a pre-money valuation of €1.05 billion from notable backers like Angel Capital Management and Eurizon Asset Management. The ongoing funding round aims to raise €650 million, positioning iGenius among Europe’s AI elite. The robust financial backing underscores the market’s confidence in iGenius’s potential and strategic direction.

Achievements and Milestones

Since its inception, iGenius has made notable strides, including the development of the AI marketing advisor, crystal. This product has successfully integrated multiple AI technologies to provide immediate and insightful business advice. Additionally, the quick development and deployment of crystal using Google Cloud services exemplify iGenius’s ability to execute its vision effectively and efficiently. The company’s growing user base and its successful participation in major industry events like Cannes Lions further highlight its achievements.

Challenges and Risks

Despite its successes, iGenius faces challenges, particularly from regulatory environments like Italy’s privacy concerns regarding AI and data collection. The competition from established AI firms and the evolving technological landscape also pose significant risks that could impact iGenius’s growth trajectory. Addressing these challenges requires ongoing innovation, adherence to regulatory standards, and strategic market positioning.

Jobs and Careers

iGenius is actively expanding its team, offering roles across various departments including sales, product development, and customer success. With opportunities in both Milan and New York, iGenius seeks to attract professionals who are eager to work at the forefront of AI technology. The company’s emphasis on flexible work arrangements and professional development is designed to cultivate a dynamic and innovative workforce capable of driving iGenius’s future growth.

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