Holistic AI: AI Governance for Enterprises

Holistic AI, founded by Emre Kazim and Adriano Koshiyama at University College London, focuses on the integration of ethical AI technology within society. The company was born from the fusion of Emre’s expertise in philosophy and ethics with Adriano’s background in machine learning and computations. This interdisciplinary foundation has propelled Holistic AI to the forefront of the responsible AI field. They are committed to helping companies deploy AI safely and responsibly, facilitating innovation with confidence.

Idea and Product

Holistic AI provides a comprehensive suite of AI governance solutions designed to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI systems. Their products include a governance platform for AI risk management, customizable audits, bias audits for employment tools, and an open-source library for bias assessment in AI models. These tools are crafted to help organizations maintain transparency, accountability, and compliance with international standards like the EU AI Act and the standards set by the OECD.


Holistic AI caters to a diverse client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, small and medium enterprises, government bodies, and regulatory agencies worldwide. Their solutions are crucial for any organization aiming to leverage AI technologies while adhering to ethical standards and mitigating risks. As the adoption of AI continues to accelerate globally, the demand for robust governance frameworks like those offered by Holistic AI is expected to grow significantly.

Business Model

Holistic AI operates on a business model that includes licensing their platforms and tools to other enterprises, offering consulting services, and conducting specialized audits. Their partnerships, such as the recent inclusion in the Microsoft for Startups Pegasus Program, enable them to reach a broader market and integrate their solutions into larger ecosystems. This model not only facilitates growth but also ensures that Holistic AI’s solutions are embedded in the operational frameworks of various global enterprises.


The technology stack of Holistic AI includes a proprietary governance platform that manages AI inventory and risk mapping, alongside tools that facilitate compliance with stringent AI regulations. Their open-source library aids in assessing and mitigating bias in machine learning models, showcasing their commitment to transparency and community engagement in the development of responsible AI technologies.

Vision and Ambition

Holistic AI is driven by the vision of a world where AI technologies are inherently trustworthy and responsibly integrated into societal frameworks. They aim to be at the vanguard of AI governance, ensuring that AI acts as a force for good. Their ambition extends to setting global standards for AI ethics and governance, influencing how AI technologies are developed and deployed worldwide.


The team at Holistic AI is comprised of experts from diverse fields including ethics, machine learning, risk management, and compliance. The leadership, exemplified by co-founders Emre Kazim and Adriano Koshiyama, brings together profound knowledge in philosophical ethics and computational intelligence, making their team uniquely equipped to tackle the complex challenges of AI governance.

Investors and Funding

Holistic AI has received an investment from Mozilla Ventures and is currently raising a $200 million funding round. The strategic partnerships and recognition by reputable organizations like the OECD and the Council of Europe suggest that Holistic AI has garnered significant interest and support from influential stakeholders in the technology and governance sectors.

Achievements and Milestones

Holistic AI has achieved notable milestones such as their AI solutions being included in the OECD’s Trustworthy AI Toolkit and obtaining Observer Status with the Council of Europe’s Committee on Artificial Intelligence. These accomplishments not only validate their products but also enhance their credibility and visibility in the international arena.

Challenges and Risks

Holistic AI faces challenges including rapidly evolving AI technologies and regulations which require constant adaptation and innovation in their solutions. The risks of non-compliance or the failure of AI systems can lead to significant legal and reputational damages for their clients, making robust governance frameworks not just beneficial but essential. Moreover, the global nature of their market introduces complexities related to varying international standards and regulations.

Jobs and Careers

Holistic AI is actively expanding its team, offering positions in engineering, marketing, and product management across locations like Palo Alto and London. They seek individuals who are passionate about AI and motivated by the challenge of advancing responsible AI practices. The variety of roles indicates Holistic AI’s commitment to diversity and its need for a range of expertise to drive its growth and innovation.

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Holistic AI’s AI Governance Solutions Included in the OECD’s Trustworthy AI Toolkit
Holistic AI Granted Observer Status With the Council of Europe Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI)
Holistic AI joins the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to Drive AI Governance for Global Enterprises

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