Helios: Predicting Agricultural Supply Chain Disruptions

Helios, an innovative analytics platform, has recently made headlines in the agricultural supply chain sector with the launch of Cersi, a groundbreaking AI analyst. Cersi is a game-changer in supply chain management, offering rapid insights into complex data. This development is particularly significant as Helios also secured a notable $1.85 million in pre-seed funding, showcasing strong market confidence in their vision and technology.

Idea and Product

The idea behind Helios’s Cersi is revolutionary for the agricultural supply chain industry. Cersi, as the world’s first supply chain AI analyst, offers a unique capability for executives to query their proprietary supply chains and receive insights in seconds. This product harnesses a vast array of data, including climate, economic, currency, and political risk signals, transforming the way supply chain analysis and risk management are conducted.


Helios’s market is vast, encompassing all players in the agricultural supply chain, notably in sectors heavily reliant on data analysis and risk management. The launch of Cersi meets a critical demand for timely, accurate insights in an industry where traditional methods are often slow and inefficient. This positions Helios to cater to a broad range of clients, from small-scale suppliers to Fortune 500 companies.

Business Model

Helios’s business model appears to be centered around providing advanced, AI-driven solutions to supply chain challenges. The use of Cersi as a conversational AI tool for data analysis and risk assessment suggests a model that focuses on subscription or usage-based fees, offering clients a valuable tool for supply chain management and decision-making.


The technological foundation of Helios and Cersi is impressive. Leveraging billions of data points and advanced AI algorithms, Helios provides a 360-degree view of the supply chain health. This technology enables real-time, comprehensive insights, a significant leap from traditional data analysis methods in the industry.

Vision and Ambition

Helios’s vision and ambition are clear: to revolutionize supply chain management in the agricultural sector through AI. The launch of Cersi underscores their commitment to this vision, showcasing their ability to innovate and lead in the application of generative AI for supply chain management.


The Helios team is a blend of expertise from various relevant fields. Co-founder and CEO Francisco Martin-Rayo brings a wealth of experience from his time at Boston Consulting Group and as a serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CTO Eden Waller Canlilar, an award-winning technologist, adds substantial technical expertise, particularly in AI and ML.

Investors and Funding

Helios’s pre-seed funding round, led by Supply Change Capital with participation from January Ventures, indicates strong investor confidence. This funding is instrumental in driving the development of Cersi and expanding Helios’s market reach.

Achievements and Milestones

The development and launch of Cersi is a significant achievement for Helios. This milestone not only positions Helios as a pioneer in AI-driven supply chain management but also demonstrates their capability to turn innovative ideas into practical, market-ready solutions.

Challenges and Risks

Helios faces challenges typical of tech startups: maintaining technological edge, scaling operations, and continuously meeting market demands. Additionally, as AI technology evolves, Helios must navigate the complexities of data privacy, ethical AI use, and ensuring their solutions remain relevant and effective.

Jobs and Careers

Helios presents exciting career opportunities, especially for professionals in AI, data analysis, and supply chain management. As the company grows, it will likely seek talent capable of driving innovation, managing complex data ecosystems, and contributing to its mission of transforming agricultural supply chain management.

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