GeoIQ: Helping Businesses Understand a Story Every Location Tells

GeoIQ is a location AI startup based in Bangalore, focusing on providing businesses with actionable consumer insights to enhance offline demand and facilitate rapid expansion strategies. The company specializes in leveraging real-world data for informed business decisions, catering to well-known brands across various sectors.

Idea and Product

GeoIQ aims to bridge the gap in data-driven decision-making for the offline world. They focus on understanding real-world behaviors influenced not just by online activities but also by local interactions and events. GeoIQ offers data-backed information, including demographics and consumer patterns, to businesses. They use proprietary algorithms to layer government data, satellite imagery, and public sources to create detailed geospatial grids, assisting businesses like Lenskart in making location-specific decisions.


GeoIQ operates in a niche market of location-based business intelligence, serving a diverse range of clients including Lenskart, HUL, Caratlane, GIVA, Swiggy, Stovekraft, and CultFit. The company’s services are particularly valuable for businesses looking to expand their offline presence that require detailed, location-specific consumer insights.

Business Model

GeoIQ’s business model revolves around providing customized location intelligence services. They cater to businesses seeking to understand and tap into local markets by offering detailed insights and predictions about consumer behavior, affluence, and business potential. This model allows them to serve a variety of sectors, including retail, fintech, insurance, e-commerce, and adtech. The company’s major business contributions come from the fintech sector.


The company focuses on generating 100m x 100m geospatial grids by layering government data with other trusted public sources and satellite imagery. The AI layer on top uses these data points to predict user behavior, affluence, and business potential. The company uses over 600 data sources, including local government reports, public datasets, and satellite imagery, processed by a team of data scientists using AI and proprietary algorithms. This approach ensures high accuracy (an accuracy rate of between 85% to 95%) and relevance in the insights provided, making their technology a robust tool for location-based decision-making.

Vision and Ambition

GeoIQ is focused on expanding their services to include footfall estimates, enhancing their technology, and extending their business reach. They aim to deepen their involvement in sectors like insurance, retail, and adtech, and are looking at expanding into international markets, particularly in the US.


GeoIQ was founded by Devashish Fuloria, Tushneet Shrivastava, and Ankita Thakur. The team, driven by a dedication to data science and technology, has been instrumental in the company’s growth, allowing them to scale revenues significantly in the past year.

Investors and Funding

GeoIQ has raised significant funding, including a $2.25 million round from Lenskart, ESV, and other investors. This funding is intended to help the company expand into international markets, strengthen its data stack, and build diverse AI models.

Achievements and Milestones

In the past 12 months, GeoIQ has seen substantial growth, with a significant increase in their revenues. They have successfully secured partnerships with major brands, demonstrating the effectiveness and demand for their services. GeoIQ has provided services to well-known brands such as Lenskart, HUL, Caratlane, GIVA, Swiggy, Stovekraft, and CultFit, aiding in their offline expansion strategies through detailed location-based consumer insights.

Challenges and Risks

While GeoIQ is experiencing rapid growth, the challenges lie in maintaining the accuracy of their data and expanding into new markets and sectors. They must continuously innovate and adapt their technology to stay ahead in the competitive field of location intelligence.

Jobs and Careers

As GeoIQ expands, opportunities for careers in data science, AI, and market analysis are likely to increase. The company’s growth trajectory suggests a dynamic and challenging work environment for potential employees, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and data-driven decision-making.

Location AI start-up GeoIQ raises $2.25 million from Lenskart, ESV, others
Location AI startup GeoIQ helps business streamline expansion strategies

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