Case Study: How Expedia’s AI Assistant Romie is Transforming the Travel Experience

Expedia, a leader in the travel industry, has consistently embraced technological advancements to enhance its services. With the introduction of Romie, an AI-powered travel assistant, Expedia aims to revolutionize the travel planning and booking experience. Launched in May 2024 during the company’s annual Explore conference, Romie is designed to serve as a booking agent, concierge, and personal assistant, integrating seamlessly into travelers’ lives and providing support throughout their journeys.

Key Takeaways

  • Romie learns user preferences to offer tailored recommendations, ensuring a highly personalized travel experience.
  • From planning and booking to real-time updates and troubleshooting, Romie covers all aspects of travel.
  • Romie integrates with popular messaging apps and uses smart search features to simplify travel planning.
  • Romie showcases Expedia’s commitment to leveraging AI for enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Expedia’s approach to developing Romie involved extensive use of AI and machine learning to understand and predict user preferences. Romie is part of Expedia’s EG Labs, a hub for experimental products, which allows for continuous learning and improvement. The AI assistant uses data from various sources, including user emails and group chats, to build itineraries and provide recommendations, ensuring that the travel experience is both personalized and efficient.


The implementation of Romie involved several key steps. First, Romie collects and analyzes data from user interactions, emails, and group chats to understand individual preferences and travel habits. It then dynamically updates itineraries, suggesting alternative plans in case of disruptions such as weather changes or flight cancellations. Users can personalize their search with specific filters, making it easier to find ideal accommodations and activities. Additionally, Romie participates in group chats, offering suggestions and summarizing trip details to facilitate group planning. The AI assistant also proactively monitors potential issues and provides timely alternatives, ensuring a smooth travel experience.


Since its debut, Romie has significantly enhanced the travel planning and booking process for Expedia users. Personalized recommendations and real-time updates have led to higher customer satisfaction rates. AI-powered tools have streamlined internal processes, reducing the time and resources needed for customer service and trip planning. The integration of Romie into everyday communication channels like WhatsApp and SMS has increased user engagement and interaction with Expedia’s services, demonstrating the positive impact of this innovative AI assistant.

Challenges and Barriers

Expedia faced several challenges in the development and deployment of Romie. Consolidating data from multiple sources and ensuring its accuracy was a significant hurdle. Ensuring users, especially older generations, trust and effectively use AI tools required careful design and user education. Additionally, developing a system that can handle complex, real-time updates and interactions across various platforms was technically challenging.

Future Outlook

Expedia plans to continue refining Romie and expanding its capabilities. Future developments may include enhanced predictive analytics to predict and mitigate potential travel disruptions and broader integration with other digital platforms and services to provide a seamless travel experience. Further enhancing the AI’s ability to offer hyper-personalized recommendations based on more granular user data is also a priority.

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