Case Study: Samsung’s Strategic Leap into the AI Frontier


Over the years, Samsung, a leading multinational conglomerate from South Korea, has demonstrated keen interest in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). From its subsidiary Samsung SDS unveiling AI solutions for corporate clients, to the recruitment of renowned AI scholars like Sebastian Seung to shape its AI strategy, Samsung has consistently made efforts to integrate AI into its various business verticals. A notable incident that pivoted Samsung’s approach was a security breach tied to employees improperly using ChatGPT, a generative AI model. This incident led Samsung to consider building its own generative AI tool, furthering their investment in AI capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung SDS launched services for businesses to adopt generative AI for improving productivity.
  • The firm introduced two generative AI services, Brity Copilot and FabriX, aimed at automating intellectual tasks and synergizing AI with cloud systems.
  • Samsung is developing an in-house generative AI tool as an alternative to ChatGPT.
  • Samsung Foundry collaborated with Groq to bring the next-gen Language Processor Unit (LPU) to the AI acceleration market.

Deep Dive: Samsung’s Strategic Leap into the AI Frontier


Samsung’s approach towards AI has been holistic. Rather than just focusing on one aspect of AI, Samsung has embraced it both at the corporate level, with tools to enhance productivity, and at the product level, with innovations in AI acceleration. Sebastian Seung’s vision of the “Personal AI Revolution” mirrors Samsung’s belief in AI being as transformative as the internet and mobile phones.


Samsung has actualized several AI initiatives. Samsung SDS unveiled Brity Copilot, a tool that automates intellectual tasks in common business systems, and FabriX, a platform designed to merge generative AI with cloud systems. Furthermore, in response to security concerns with ChatGPT, Samsung took proactive measures by starting development on its own in-house generative AI tool, potentially collaborating with Naver Corp. On the hardware side, partnering with Groq, Samsung aims to bring a next-gen LPU to the AI acceleration market.


Samsung’s foray into AI has shown promising results. Their in-house testing revealed improvements in developers’ speed by 30%, a reduction of 75% time in creating business documents, and a substantial rise in the automation rate for customer request processing. These results signify a tangible impact of AI on enhancing productivity.

Challenges and Barriers

One of the primary challenges faced by Samsung was a security breach incident where employees used ChatGPT inappropriately, leading to sensitive code being entered into global databanks. This incident underscored the importance of having robust, secure, and proprietary AI systems in place, especially for a global conglomerate like Samsung.

Future Outlook

Samsung continues its ambitious journey in AI. With plans to unveil its in-house generative AI tool at Real Summit 2023 and the beta testing phase for features like coding support commencing soon, the future looks promising. Additionally, their collaboration with Groq to introduce the next-gen LPU showcases their commitment to leading the AI hardware market.


Samsung’s journey in the realm of AI is a testament to its commitment to innovation and staying ahead in the technology curve. From bolstering corporate productivity with AI tools to pushing the boundaries in AI hardware, Samsung is setting a precedent in the AI domain. Their continuous investment, coupled with a vigilant approach to challenges, positions them as a leader in the global AI landscape.

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