Case Study: Revolutionizing Soccer Scouting with AI at Major League Soccer (MLS)


Major League Soccer (MLS) has partnered with London-based technology company to utilize AI-powered tools in the league’s recruiting process. This collaboration, marking the first time MLS will implement AI, aims to revolutionize player scouting and recruitment. Leveraging the aiScout app, the partnership intends to discover amateur players worldwide, break down traditional barriers, and enhance efficiency in player recruitment.

Key Takeaways

  • Major League Soccer (MLS) introduced AI in scouting and recruitment, bringing efficiency and innovation to the process.
  • The initiative provided free and accessible opportunities for players to be scouted.
  • MLS collaborated with notable clubs and academies like Chelsea, illustrating industry recognition.
  • There is potential to address challenges in cost, geography, and accessibility in North American soccer.

Deep Dive: Revolutionizing Soccer Scouting with AI at Major League Soccer


Major League Soccer (MLS) entered into a partnership with to collaborate in the development and utilization of AI-based tools, such as the aiScout app. The platform represents an open opportunity where any player can sign up, take part in virtual trials, and be evaluated through AI algorithms. This collaboration allows the evaluation process to be more accessible and efficient, providing players from various geographical locations a chance to showcase their talent and be scouted by professional clubs.


The aiScout app provides an innovative platform where players can download the application and run through various drills and assessments, all filmed via their mobile devices. Upon completion of these assessments, the app takes over the analytical process, evaluating the players’ performances and providing scores that clubs can track and review.

This access isn’t limited to MLS clubs; all 29 MLS clubs and other prestigious teams, such as Premier League’s Chelsea, have access to the app and its insights. The full use of aiScout in MLS’s recruitment process will be launched and available from December 2023, marking a significant advancement in the league’s scouting and player evaluation strategy.


The platform’s AI technology in the aiScout app demonstrates a remarkable 97% accuracy level, standing in alignment with FIFA’s gold standards, thus underscoring its reliability in evaluating potential talent. This technological advancement goes beyond mere analysis; it actively works to eliminate barriers related to cost, geography, and accessibility that traditionally limit talent scouting.

By doing so, it opens doors to opportunities for global talent who may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The most highly-rated players, as identified by the app, are offered exclusive chances to train with MLS clubs across the US and Canada, further fostering the growth of soccer by bridging gaps and nurturing talents from diverse backgrounds.

Challenges and Barriers

Despite the promising advancements, there remains skepticism about the integration of AI into talent scouting in soccer. Many believe that AI cannot fully replace the nuanced human element essential to evaluating potential players. Additionally, there’s an acknowledgment that AI can make errors, and handling these requires careful planning to minimize and mitigate mistakes, ensuring that they are less costly than those made by human scouts.

Moreover, the technological approach’s dependence on video content and translating human movements into performance metrics might present challenges. These technical limitations underline the complexity of replicating human intuition and understanding, showing that while AI can enhance the process, it cannot entirely replace human judgment and expertise.

Future Outlook

The partnership between Major League Soccer (MLS) and opens up the doors for further integration of AI into various aspects of the sport, including potential expansion into areas like live game analytics, injury prediction, and broader talent development. This collaboration has paved the way for global reach, providing opportunities for players worldwide to be scouted by MLS for free, breaking down barriers that may have previously limited talent discovery. Furthermore, the success of the current initiative could lead to the continued collaboration and possible expansion of partnerships with other clubs and leagues, signaling a new era in soccer scouting and player development.


The partnership between MLS and signifies a transformative step towards integrating artificial intelligence into professional soccer, with a strong focus on scouting and recruitment. Despite the potential challenges, the integration of AI opens up new horizons for talent discovery, assessment, and development. It exemplifies how technology can break down traditional barriers and offer unprecedented opportunities in the sports industry. The success of this initiative could pave the way for further AI applications in soccer and potentially other professional sports, symbolizing a new era of innovation, accessibility, and efficiency.

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