Case Study: Publicis Groupe Transforms Marketing with AI

Publicis Groupe, a leading force in the advertising and marketing sector, announced a bold move to invest €300 million over three years to revamp its business with generative AI. At the heart of this strategic pivot is CoreAI, an in-house platform designed to leverage Publicis’ extensive data, including 2.3 billion consumer profiles, for insights across media planning, creative endeavors, and software operations.

Key Takeaways

  • Publicis Groupe commits €300 million to generative AI, focusing on the CoreAI platform.
  • CoreAI to enhance efficiency, innovation, and personalized marketing solutions.
  • Publicis envisions becoming an “intelligent system” for seamless knowledge and data utilization across the group.
  • Strategic acquisitions, such as Epsilon, play a critical role in Publicis’ data-driven marketing leadership.


Recognizing the transformative potential of generative AI, Publicis embarked on integrating this technology to enrich its marketing and advertising solutions. The approach was centered around CoreAI, aiming to connect the agency’s vast knowledge and data, thus fostering innovation and collaboration across the organization.


The rollout of Publicis Groupe’s CoreAI marked a significant milestone in the company’s implementation of its AI strategy. The phased approach began with alpha testing to ensure the platform’s functionality met the high standards required for broad organizational adoption. Early access was granted to select teams for real-world testing and feedback, which was critical for refining and optimizing the platform. This methodical progression was aimed at ensuring CoreAI’s integration would be seamless and effective, aligning with Publicis’ vision of becoming an intelligent system. Furthermore, the initiative included the strategic use of existing tools like Marcel and Bodhi, leveraging their capabilities to complement the new AI framework.

Publicis Groupe’s ambitious AI journey also entailed a substantial financial investment focused on both technology and people. The first phase of funding was meticulously planned to balance tech development with workforce enhancement, demonstrating the company’s commitment to fostering a symbiotic relationship between human creativity and AI’s analytical power. This investment was not merely about acquiring cutting-edge technology but also about upskilling Publicis’ global workforce. The company embarked on comprehensive training programs to ensure that its employees, across various disciplines, could effectively use CoreAI to enhance their work, thereby maintaining Publicis’ competitive edge in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The implementation strategy was underpinned by a robust infrastructure designed to support the vast data requirements of CoreAI. Publicis leveraged its rich data resources, significantly bolstered by the acquisition of Epsilon, to feed into CoreAI’s advanced analytics, enabling more precise and personalized marketing solutions. This deep pool of consumer profiles and attributes became a cornerstone for generating insights that drive creativity and effectiveness in marketing campaigns. The integration of CoreAI across Publicis’ global operations was envisioned as a transformational step, not just in how the company operates internally, but also in how it delivers value to clients, setting a new benchmark for innovation in the advertising industry.


Although early in its journey, Publicis’ AI strategy has already showcased promising outcomes. The group reported a 6.3% organic growth in 2023, surpassing industry averages and attributing this success partly to its digital and AI-driven initiatives. CoreAI has demonstrated potential in streamlining operations, enhancing creative processes, and delivering personalized marketing at scale.

Challenges and Barriers

Adapting to generative AI involves navigating complexities around data privacy, ethics, and the risk of job displacement due to automation. Publicis is addressing these concerns by investing in employee upskilling and establishing robust privacy and ethical standards for AI use. Furthermore, the continuous evolution of AI technology presents both a challenge and an opportunity for keeping pace with innovation.

Future Outlook

Publicis Groupe’s AI transformation signifies a shift towards a more interconnected, efficient, and innovative operational model. As the company continues to refine CoreAI and expand its AI capabilities, it aims to redefine the boundaries of creativity and effectiveness in advertising. The focus remains on leveraging AI to enhance client outcomes while upholding ethical standards and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

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