Case Study: How Fujitsu is Shaping the AI Landscape


Fujitsu, a leading tech giant known for its prowess in integrating technology and business solutions, has actively pursued and integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its operations. As evidenced by multiple interactions and statements made by Fujitsu’s top brass, the company recognizes the pivotal role AI plays in shaping the future of industries and everyday life. While AI technologies have been around for decades, the true potential of AI has only begun to be tapped into, and Fujitsu is at the forefront of this exploration.

Key Takeaways

  • More than half of global organizations are piloting generative AI or moving it to production, with Fujitsu being a significant player.
  • Fujitsu’s focus extends from using AI for predictive maintenance in mining and manufacturing to advanced implementations such as detecting defects in roads.
  • Talent crunch is a significant concern for AI development, with higher education often being a pre-requisite.
  • Fujitsu’s collaboration with RIKEN on quantum computing and generative AI is indicative of the company’s commitment to innovative AI applications.
  • The company is future-focused, considering AI’s impact on various sectors and the potential regulatory challenges that lie ahead.

Deep Dive: How Fujitsu is Shaping the AI Landscape


Fujitsu has shown a keen interest in leveraging AI to provide solutions for its clients across diverse sectors. Their approach involves understanding customers’ requirements, especially those new to AI, and guiding them towards simple to advanced AI use cases. Additionally, Fujitsu places importance on pilot projects, ensuring that the AI use case is both useful and impactful for the client.


AI implementation at Fujitsu spans various sectors. Their work with a government agency to detect road barriers and road defects highlights the practical applicability of AI in labor-intensive tasks. Image processing and identification negate the need for manual labor to sift through millions of images. In the mining and manufacturing sectors, predictive maintenance using AI has been instrumental in increasing production efficiency. Fujitsu also aids businesses in scaling AI, transforming preliminary models into enterprise-grade applications.


The outcomes of Fujitsu’s AI endeavors have been promising. By using AI for predictive maintenance, they have provided tangible benefits to their clients in the mining and manufacturing sectors. Their collaboration with RIKEN led to the development of an AI drug discovery technology, which predicts protein structural changes. This technology promises to reduce development time and costs significantly.

Challenges and Barriers

The primary challenge Fujitsu faces, as voiced by their CTO, Vivek Mahajan, is the talent crunch. With AI work requiring a higher barrier to entry, finding suitable candidates for AI-related work has been challenging. Moreover, over half of Fujitsu’s 300-strong AI workforce have a Ph.D., indicating the high educational requirements for AI roles. This talent shortage isn’t limited to just AI but spans across various technological areas.

Future Outlook

Fujitsu’s future in AI looks promising, with a commitment to exploring its potential. They aim to use AI not just to replace jobs but to redefine them, ensuring more fulfilling roles for employees. They continue to collaborate with academic institutions, tapping into emerging tech talent. Regulation-wise, Fujitsu believes in the need for a broader framework that accounts for the global nature of AI, ensuring clarity, understanding, and enforceability. As AI continues to expand its reach and potential, Fujitsu’s role in this domain will undoubtedly remain pivotal.

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