Case Study: How Canva is Reshaping Learning Experiences with AI


In the realm of edtech, Canva has emerged as a dominant force. With its unique design tools, Canva is already a staple in the teaching world, helping educators across the globe design beautiful materials for the classroom. With over 45 million monthly users across 600,000 schools, Canva’s prominence cannot be understated. Recognizing the potential AI holds for enhancing its platform, Canva introduced AI-driven tools to supercharge its capabilities and offer more to its large user base. One such notable introduction has been Magic Write, designed to assist with writing tasks by combating the infamous writer’s block.

Key Takeaways

  • Canva integrates AI tools to provide a more tailored experience for educators and students.
  • The “Magic Write” feature alleviates writer’s block, generating starting points for writing.
  • Safety and trust are paramount; Canva over-indexes on trust and safety, ensuring generated content is safe and appropriate.
  • Feedback from the education community is invaluable in shaping Canva’s AI features.
  • Visual learning and real-time collaboration are augmented with Canva’s AI and design capabilities.

Deep Dive: How Canva is Reshaping Learning Experiences with AI


Understanding the influence and potential of AI, Canva’s goal was to make education more personalized, thus amplifying students’ ability to reach their utmost potential. Recognizing the weight of this responsibility, Canva adopted a three-pronged principle approach—focusing on safety, helpfulness, and responsibility—when incorporating these tools.


March saw the launch of the “Magic” tools suite, designed to streamline learning by aiding teachers. Of these, the AI text generator “Magic Write” stood out. Canva incorporated multiple layers of safety with AI tools, such as input review, output moderation, and bias reduction. The aim was to make the technology useful while ensuring ethical usage. Specific models were also used to filter out content related to sensitive subjects. To maximize utility for educators, Canva also crafted guides showcasing Magic Write’s potential and offered an option for school districts to integrate or opt-out of these AI tools.


With the launch of AI features, Canva garnered positive feedback. These tools helped educators refine learning materials, enhance classroom engagement, and saved valuable time. The community’s response was overwhelmingly positive at events like ISTELive 2023. Magic Write, in particular, became a valuable tool for students and educators alike to combat the challenge of initiating a writing task, among other functionalities.

Challenges and Barriers

AI integration is never without its challenges. The paramount concern for Canva was content safety, especially in classroom settings. Over-indexing on trust meant making tough calls on content filtering, potentially limiting AI’s utility in some areas. Ensuring that AI-generated content doesn’t inadvertently introduce biases or misrepresentations required meticulous calibration. Further, there’s the philosophical challenge of ensuring AI tools like Magic Write complement human creativity without overshadowing or replacing it.

Future Outlook

Canva’s journey with AI is just beginning. With features like Magic Write already creating ripples in the education sector, there’s potential for more transformative tools on the horizon. As Canva continues to balance innovation with responsibility, it remains poised to remain at the forefront of edtech, revolutionizing how educators and students interact with technology in the learning environment. The shared vision is clear: a seamless integration of AI that augments, not replaces, the human touch in education.

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