Case Study: Empowering Efficiency with AI at Petrobras

Petrobras, a prominent Brazilian corporation in the oil, natural gas, and energy sectors, has consistently been at the forefront of innovation for over 70 years. Embracing the era of digital transformation, Petrobras has utilized artificial intelligence to enhance operational efficiency and productivity. In collaboration with Azure OpenAI Service, the company developed ChatPetrobras, a natural language processing tool designed to support 110,000 users in streamlining tasks and workflows.

Key Takeaways

  • Petrobras has significantly reduced manual tasks and streamlined workflows.
  • ChatPetrobras is available to 110,000 employees, supporting diverse functions from report summarization to code generation.
  • Users appreciate the improved productivity and data security.
  • Plans are in place to extend AI applications across more business areas and introduce advanced functionalities.


Petrobras’ approach to digital transformation is rooted in the integration of technology, processes, and corporate culture. The company aims to democratize AI usage, ensuring that all employees have access to advanced tools to boost their productivity. An AI Center of Excellence has been established to provide best practices and safe experimentation guidelines, fostering an environment where innovation is encouraged within well-defined parameters.


The development of ChatPetrobras began with a strategic partnership between Petrobras and Microsoft, leveraging the Azure OpenAI Service to create a cutting-edge natural language processing tool. This collaboration allowed Petrobras to utilize Azure’s state-of-the-art models and secure infrastructure, ensuring that the AI tool was both advanced and compliant with stringent data protection standards. The primary goal was to create a tool that could assist in summarizing reports, translating documents, and generating code while safeguarding sensitive corporate data. Petrobras worked closely with the Microsoft Industry Solutions and Delivery team to ensure that the tool met all necessary technical and security requirements.

A significant aspect of the implementation process was the onboarding and training of employees. Petrobras provided comprehensive live presentations to introduce ChatPetrobras, setting clear expectations and offering detailed instructions on how to use the tool effectively. These sessions were designed to be inclusive, catering to employees across various business areas with differing levels of familiarity with AI technology. The intuitive user interface of ChatPetrobras further facilitated easy adoption, enabling employees to quickly integrate the tool into their daily workflows. This approach ensured that the tool’s rollout was smooth and efficient, with minimal disruption to existing processes.

The collaboration between Petrobras and Microsoft extended beyond initial development to continuous support and improvement. The Petrobras IT department and the Microsoft Industry Solutions and Delivery team maintained an ongoing partnership to address any technical issues and implement enhancements based on user feedback. This iterative process helped refine the tool, making it more robust and user-friendly over time. The successful deployment of ChatPetrobras within five months underscored the effectiveness of this collaborative approach, setting a strong foundation for future phases of AI development at Petrobras.


The implementation of ChatPetrobras has led to significant improvements in workflow efficiency. Employees now use the tool to summarize reports, translate documents, and generate code, which has substantially reduced the time spent on manual tasks. Financially, the deployment of AI in administrative processes, such as tax filings, has yielded substantial savings, with a notable instance being the $120 million saved in just three weeks through Automation Anywhere’s solutions. The feedback from employees has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the tool’s simplicity, speed, and ability to enhance productivity while ensuring data security.

Challenges and Barriers

Implementing AI at Petrobras presented several challenges, particularly concerning data security and compliance. As a government-controlled entity operating in a highly regulated industry, ensuring the protection of sensitive corporate data was critical. Adhering to Brazilian government regulations and industry-specific compliance standards added layers of complexity. Additionally, fostering a cultural shift towards embracing digital transformation required overcoming resistance to change and encouraging employees to adopt new technologies.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Petrobras plans to enhance ChatPetrobras by integrating more advanced AI functionalities. Upcoming initiatives include developing sophisticated question-and-answer services leveraging internal data and expanding AI applications to other business departments like HR, procurement, and finance. The company aims to achieve over $1 billion in annual savings through these expansions. Furthermore, Petrobras intends to reinvest these savings into sustainability initiatives, including renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power.

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