Case Study: AI Integration at EY Law


EY, a renowned global service provider, has significantly invested in artificial intelligence with the development of its AI platform, This platform, backed by a substantial $1.4 billion investment over three years, is a blend of a proprietary large language model named EYQ and other advanced technologies, complemented by human expertise. The global legal practice branch, EY Law, has leveraged this investment effectively, contributing to the development of principles for responsible AI use in legal contexts.

Key Takeaways

  • EY’s $1.4 billion investment in marks a significant leap in AI adoption.
  • combines EYQ, a large language model, with other advanced technologies.
  • EY Law has been instrumental in developing guidelines for responsible AI usage in law.
  • Collaboration with leading technology firms like Microsoft and Dell Technologies enhances’s capabilities.
  • EY’s focus extends beyond technology to include upskilling its workforce in AI.


The approach towards integrating AI at EY Law was multifaceted. It involved the deployment of, a platform harmonizing AI with human capabilities. This endeavor was not just a technological leap but also a strategic move to incorporate AI into various business aspects including strategy, transactions, and risk management. The focus was also on upskilling employees, ensuring they are adept at using AI responsibly and effectively.


The deployment of AI at EY Law was a meticulously orchestrated process, beginning with the integration of the platform. This platform is a sophisticated amalgamation of EYQ, their proprietary large language model, and a suite of other advanced AI technologies. Central to this integration was the objective of harmonizing AI with human expertise across various business domains, including strategy, risk management, and transactions. To facilitate this integration, EY placed a strong emphasis on the upskilling of its workforce.

This initiative was not just about imparting technical knowledge; it was about fostering a deep understanding and responsible usage of AI. Since 2018, over 100,000 credentials in AI and data analytics have been awarded to EY employees, underscoring the organization’s commitment to continuous learning and adaptation in the age of AI.

The implementation phase also saw strategic collaborations with technology giants such as Microsoft and Dell Technologies, which provided EY Law early access to the latest AI tools and solutions. These partnerships were instrumental in enhancing’s capabilities and ensuring that the firm stayed at the forefront of AI innovation.

Moreover, AI was seamlessly integrated into EY Fabric, the organization’s global technology backbone. This integration enabled the rollout of AI-driven solutions such as the EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot, which significantly reduced employer workload by answering complex payroll queries.

Another noteworthy implementation was the development of new Assurance technology capabilities across the EY organization. These included AI-enabled tools for risk assessment, predictive analytics, and document intelligence, demonstrating how AI can revolutionize traditional business processes and improve operational efficiency.


The implementation of AI at EY Law yielded substantial results, significantly enhancing client service quality and operational efficiency. The introduction of AI-driven tools, such as the EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot, led to a notable reduction in employer workload, streamlining complex employee queries with efficiency and precision. In the realm of EY Assurance, the integration of AI facilitated advanced risk assessment and predictive analytics, showcasing a leap forward in analytical capabilities. Overall, these advancements in AI applications within EY Law not only improved response times to business transformation challenges but also set new benchmarks in leveraging technology for legal services.

Challenges and Barriers

The adoption of AI in a global organization like EY involves challenges such as ensuring responsible and ethical use of AI, integrating AI into existing systems seamlessly, and ensuring the workforce is adequately trained to leverage AI technologies.

Future Outlook

EY Law’s future in AI looks promising with continuous investments in AI research and collaborations. The focus remains on expanding AI capabilities, enhancing client services, and contributing to the responsible evolution of AI in the legal sector. The commitment to building a better working world through AI-driven solutions remains a core aspect of EY’s strategy.

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