Case Study: AI and the Art of Content Mastery at Paramount Global


Paramount Global, a leading content provider, has been leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to drive value from its extensive content archive. David Katz of CBS Media Ventures has been at the forefront of this initiative, focusing on monetizing Paramount’s content and coping with the evolving demands of video content consumption globally. Paramount’s approach to AI and ML in content strategy and monetization is a significant development in a space where video content is increasingly dominating audience preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Paramount uses AI and ML for effective content monetization and data management.
  • AI helps in metadata tagging and streamlining labor-intensive processes.
  • Advanced tools assist in identifying and categorizing engaging content segments.
  • Performance prediction technology is used to determine the best platforms for content.
  • Paramount’s approach includes a readiness to experiment and accept potential failures.
  • AI is also used for content localization, offering compelling economic benefits.


The approach taken by Paramount involves a detailed analysis and categorization of their extensive content library. Katz and his team focused on identifying what content they have (introspection) and then categorizing it effectively. This process included the use of AI for metadata tagging and sorting content based on various parameters like emotional peaks in videos.


In the first phase of implementation, Paramount Global focused on the introspection and categorization of their content. This involved deploying AI tools like Amazon Rekognition to analyze and tag metadata efficiently. For example, in the case of the American thriller series “Yellowjackets,” this technology was used to identify elements within each scene, such as characters, objects, and settings. This metadata tagging facilitated a more streamlined search and categorization process, allowing the small team at CBS Media Ventures to focus their efforts more effectively. The AI-driven approach ensured that the team could quickly locate valuable content without the need for time-consuming manual reviews.

The second phase centered around enhancing content discoverability and performance prediction. Paramount employed AI tools to map out timelines in video content, identifying points of high emotional impact or engagement. This was particularly useful in managing content for Dabl, a lifestyle network with a diverse range of topics. AI tools analyzed language and sentiments, providing timestamps for positive and negative emotions in each episode.

Additionally, Paramount explored performance prediction technology to determine the most suitable platforms for different content types. This was exemplified in their strategy for “Inside Edition,” where AI was used to suggest optimal distribution channels, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These implementations allowed Paramount to not only manage their content more effectively but also to strategize their distribution to maximize audience engagement and monetization.


The use of AI and ML has led to more efficient content management, allowing Paramount to quickly identify high-value content and make informed decisions about where to distribute it. This approach has been particularly effective for shows like “Yellowjackets” and “Inside Edition,” which have found renewed audience engagement on platforms like YouTube.

Challenges and Barriers

The primary challenge lies in the sheer volume of content and data that Paramount has to manage. Additionally, the need to experiment with new AI tools and models can be risky, as it requires a culture that accepts potential failures as part of the innovation process. Moreover, external factors like the Writers Guild of America strike pose challenges in content production and management.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Paramount Global aims to continue leveraging AI for content localization and management. This approach is expected to yield significant economic benefits and enhance the company’s ability to distribute content efficiently across various platforms. As AI technologies evolve, Paramount is poised to adapt and innovate in its content strategy to stay ahead in the competitive media landscape.

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