Project support

Deliver AI projects with confidence 

How we help

We enable AI experts to focus on their core competencies while we handle peripheral yet crucial project tasks

Technology research

Identifying and analyzing emerging AI technologies and trends to keep experts ahead of the curve

Market research

Providing insights into market trends, competitor analysis, and customer needs specific to AI applications across different industries

Excel modeling

Developing Excel models for data analysis and visualization, crucial for AI projects that require preliminary data exploration or financial modeling

Expert interviews and surveys

Connecting AI professionals with industry leaders and domain experts for knowledge exchange and insights

Presentation and report development

Creating high-impact presentations and detailed reports for project pitches, research findings, or stakeholder updates

Project management support

Project management services to help AI professionals keep projects on track, within budget, and aligned with objectives

Who we serve

We help industry practitioners, independent consultants, consulting firms, and academics

Industry practitioners

Empower your AI projects with cutting-edge technology research, comprehensive market insights, and bespoke Excel modeling, enhancing your strategic decisions and operational efficiencies

Independent consultants

Leverage in-depth expert interviews, tailored presentation and report development, and nuanced market research to elevate your client deliverables

Consulting firms

Augment your consulting engagements with our specialized services in technology research, market analysis, and expert interviews, driving value to your clients with data-driven insights and strategic foresight


Bridge the gap between academic research and business application with our support in translating your academic insights into business strategies through expert interviews, market analysis, and report development 

Some Tech Specs

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Use cases

We offer project support for a wide range of use cases

Free Plan



/ forever

10GB Storage

Limited Bandwidth

5 Email Accounts

1 Database

Backup & Restore

Pro Plan



/ per month

500GB Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

50 Email Accounts

15 Databases

Backup & Restore


Automate repetitive tasks, standardize quality control, optimize supply chain management, and provide real-time insights to make data-driven decisions, resulting in improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and increased profitability


Streamline campaign automation, personalize content for target audiences, predict trends, and provide real-time data analysis to make informed decisions, leading to improved engagement, higher conversion rates, and increased revenue


Automate sales tasks such as lead prioritization and qualification, provide data-driven insights into customer behavior, and facilitate personalized communication with potential customers, resulting in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction

Customer service

Enable personalized support, automate routine tasks such as ticket routing and issue resolution, and facilitate real-time communication through chatbots and voice assistants, leading to faster response times and higher levels of customer satisfaction


Automate tasks such as data classification and indexing, provide real-time insights into data patterns and anomalies, and enhance data security through threat detection and mitigation, resulting in improved accuracy, efficiency, and overall data quality


Speed up activities such as candidate screening and employee onboarding, provide insights into employee performance and engagement, and facilitate personalized career development, resulting in improved talent acquisition, retention, and overall workforce productivity


Automate routine data processes, enable predictive analytics, enhance cybersecurity measures, and optimize overall operations, leading to improved efficiency, increased agility, and sustained growth

Autonomous things

Provide real-time data analysis, facilitate accurate decision-making, and ensure safe and efficient operation, leading to improved transportation, logistics, and overall operational performance


Enable personalized medicine, facilitate faster and more accurate diagnoses, predict potential health risks, and automate routine administrative tasks, leading to improved patient outcomes, reduced costs, and increased efficiency in healthcare delivery

Finance & fintech

Automate routine financial tasks, provide real-time data analysis and insights, enhance fraud detection and prevention, and facilitate personalized customer service, leading to improved operational efficiency, enhanced risk management, and overall increased customer satisfaction


Our experts possess a diverse set of capabilities to help you analyze, design and implement successful AI initiatives


Analyzing data, identifying patterns, and providing insights that inform the development and optimization of AI systems


Designing the overall AI solution architecture, selecting the appropriate AI techniques, frameworks, algorithms, and tools

Big data

Collection, storage, processing, and analysis of data to ensure that it is of high quality, reliable, and accessible to the data scientists and AI developers

Computer vision

Developing and implementing algorithms and techniques to enable machines to interpret and understand images and videos


Providing expert guidance and advice on AI strategy, implementation, and optimization for businesses and organizations

Data science

Developing and implementing machine learning models and algorithms to solve complex business problems

Deep learning

Developing and implementing neural network architectures and algorithms to solve complex AI problems


Developing and implementing software systems and infrastructure that support the AI solution

Machine learning

Developing and implementing machine learning models and algorithms to support AI solutions


Managing the end-to-end machine learning pipeline in an AI project in a reliable and scalable manner


Developing AI systems that can understand, interpret, and generate natural language in real-world applications


Ensuring that the AI system being developed meets the needs of the intended users and achieves the desired business outcomes

Project management

Overseeing the planning, execution, and delivery of the AI system being developed to meet the project goals and objectives


Exploring and developing new ideas, theories, and technologies related to artificial intelligence


Creating visual representations of data and AI models to aid in understanding and decision-making

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